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Fusion Pharmaceuticals is a start up company that was founded at McMaster university and has secured more than $100 million in financing for a potential cancer treatment. The CEO of the company says the treatment infiltrates cancer cells and delivers a lethal and highly localized dose of radiation.McMaster university has been at the forefront of innovation for years. This potential cancer treatment developed by “Fusion,” could be a game-changer.The goal is to target and damage the DNA of cancer cells, so they can’t grow back. While “Fusion” created the technology, it needed financing to develop and commercialize it, which is why it looked to international investors.Valliant says the product could be on market in 6 to 10 years and in the process, he expects at least 100 jobs will be created. The spclinical trials have already begun in Hamilton and Montreal.The company is looking to expand sites across the country, and to the US and Australia.

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