Wolf Administration Reminds Pennsylvanians to Wear Mask While Enjoying the Outdoors

first_img SHARE Email Facebook Twitter July 09, 2020 Wolf Administration Reminds Pennsylvanians to Wear Mask While Enjoying the Outdoorscenter_img Press Release,  Public Health Governor Tom Wolf and Department of Conservation and Natural Resources (DCNR) Secretary Cindy Adams Dunn today reminded Pennsylvanians to wear masks while enjoying the outdoors when they are not able to consistently maintain social distancing from individuals who are not members of their household.“It’s critical that Pennsylvanians take opportunities to go outside and enjoy our many parks, trails and beaches. It’s good for our mental and physical health. But we must do so safely,” Gov. Wolf said. “Park attendance has increased dramatically, so Pennsylvanians should protect themselves and their fellow outdoor seekers by wearing a mask.”Secretary Dunn said recent Bureau of State Park attendance figures show people turning to the outdoors in record numbers. May 2020 attendance reports show 5.8 million visitors compared to 4.2 million last year. The parks system increased by over 1.5 million visitors, a 36 percent increase, and 18 parks experienced more than a 100 percent increase.“Last weekend brought a crush of visitors to almost all our state parks, and those numbers reinforce the need for all park visitors to be smart and safe by wearing masks,” Dunn said. “Our park officials tell us the holiday crowds were orderly and, for the most part, observing self-distancing but masks were not being worn by many. For the safety of all, masks should be worn, especially in areas where park visitors gather: pools and beaches when not in the water; restroom areas; and state park offices and visitor centers.”For updated state park and forest facilities, visit DCNR’s What’s Open and Closed map.Secretary of Health Dr. Rachel Levine signed an order mandating mask-wearing on July 1. It remains in effect. Frequently Asked Questions about the mask-wearing order can be found here.NOTE: Video of DCNR Secretary Dunn on the importance of wearing a mask is available for download via PAcast.Ver esta página en español.last_img read more

Peru’s forests store nearly 7 billion metric tons of carbon

first_imgAs an Amazonian country, Peru knew it was doing the world an environmental service by storing carbon in its rainforest. But the country didn’t know exactly how much carbon it was keeping out of the atmosphere nor precisely where it was. That hindered its ability to protect its reserves as well as negotiate a fair price for doing so on the global carbon market. Now, a new map provides a hectare-by-hectare look at Peru’s carbon reserves. Made by combining data from LiDAR flights, a network of monitored land plots, and satellite imagery, the map reveals that Peru stores just under 7 billion metric tons of carbon, mostly in the Amazon rainforest that dominates the eastern part of the country, researchers report online today in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. The map is so detailed that it can reveal deforestation that would otherwise be hidden deep in rural areas. The image above, for example, shows how carbon stocks are diminished by the building of a road (blue) through the normally high-carbon Amazon (red). These kinds of close-ups allowed the researchers to calculate that at least 800 million metric tons of Peru’s aboveground carbon stocks are at imminent risk of destruction from activities such as logging and oil extraction. But there’s hope: The map also shows that federally protected environmental reserves are great at storing carbon, which could give the Peruvian government the leverage it needs to establish more of them. Meanwhile, the team hopes to expand its mapping method to more developing tropical countries. Next up? Ecuador.last_img read more