28 02 17

SNS is now popular, many network carriers have proposed their own SNS applications. Dating dating sites and so far the application of SNS is still rare.

In fact,

dating website has received venture capital sought after, Jiayuan, marry5.com, Lily network etc. several well-known sites have already got the risk investment. But the profit model has been a problem. The main reason is where, how to solve this problem is unavoidable. The author (Sina blog name: Carleton University Professor) believes that there are three main reasons.

1, the traditional concept of love and marriage challenges

although China has long been in line with international standards in many ways, but the problem of marriage for thousands of years are achieved through on-site contact. For online dating marriage is currently limited to large and medium cities crowd, and the degree of recognition is limited. The virtual nature of the network so that a lot of people always feel a lack of reality. read more

28 02 17

this year, the State Administration for Industry and Commerce busy – year commercial reform report just released, online shopping fake storm began.

yesterday (March 9th), State Administration for Industry and Commerce Secretary Zhang Mao at the three session of the twelve National People’s Congress press conference that, at present there are many problems in online shopping, although the fake result but the problem still exists, the next step, the State Administration for Industry and Commerce will actively promote the legislation of electronic commerce.

at the same time, Zhang Mao said, the next step will be the business sector through information technology to perfect the way of supervision, and actively promote the development of the anti-counterfeiting work.

actively promote e-commerce legislation read more

28 02 17

, vice president of.Asia community relations Joe king said,.Asia’s first domain name and domain name auction rules, pioneer cost rule, half a year for this emerging Asian top-level domain.Asia registered institutions brought 70 million yuan of income.

due to the introduction of a short time, the total number of registered.Asia has just more than 300 thousand, of which there are about more than 30 thousand domestic registration. Relevant responsible person said,.Asia is trying to promote cooperation with major institutions, enterprises, with a view to the public and the market can be familiar with and trust the emerging top-level domain.

LasVegas.Asia has attracted many eyeballs. There are reports that the United States of Las Vegas in 80% hawker were from asia. Macao, the "Las Vegas of Asia" in 2006 surpassed the United States, Las Vegas and become the world’s largest gambling center, so "Las Vegas" and "Asia" this combination of absolute value. In the landing period was an investment after registration, to second-hand sold 30 thousand dollars, but also proved that the.Asia domain of the great potential and global appeal. read more

28 02 17

micro store marketing can be said to be an important part of the micro shop management work, and the promotion of micro shop is the focus of micro shop marketing. In the area of sales promotion, can be said to be both time and energy, is the one thing that burn, good promotion effect of the strike, if not, it would be very disappointing, it is not only "empty", but also "lose the wife of another soldier".

for micro shop, promotion is not the same, it is a very simple and effective work. The owner of a friend in the circle of friends, QQ space, and some other social channels to release some information on goods or event information, you can conduct promotional products. However, it is hard to change, sometimes a person’s strength is limited, they need the help of other people’s help. read more

28 02 17


development today, already has tens of millions of online, in recent years, the Taobao web site while creating value for themselves, but also to the countless shopkeepers brought great benefits, for the majority of individual entrepreneurship that provides a great platform for small entrepreneurs, in joy feel the benefits at the same time to the platform myself, many people have begun to consider the transition to the independent online shopping website, numerous independent shopping sites, have also formed a debut, with Taobao, pat, shopping platform competition, contend, is All flowers bloom together.. For many people who are ready to engage in e-commerce online shopping business, in the end is to set up shop on Taobao or create their own independent shopping site, has become part of the problem. read more

28 02 17

last week and a friend chat in B2B e-commerce, we agreed that the future of e-commerce will be B2C and B2B and C2C home court, as will become B2C Road, upstream and downstream industries, constitute the entire e-commerce industry. In other words, B2C is the core chain, B2B for the B B2C chain, C2C chain of C B2C.

later, we talked about the development of e-commerce. From my point of view, e-commerce in some form and online advertising. Friends who have done the site know, if you want to put in advertising, in addition to their own advertising investment, you can also join the Google AdSense and Baidu alliance, etc.. Like many of the big sites, that is, the use of such advertising model. A part of the advertising business by themselves, a part of the advertising alliance advertising, so, do not interfere with each other. read more

28 02 17

reporter Li Yinghuan from Beijing

is the short term group purchase after another typical O2O (Online To Offline) model, test the short rental market, for ganji.com, of great significance.

"we want to be the Taobao of the service class." Ganji CEO Hao Yang Chung has clearly planned ganji.com future business model. From the media to the offbeat business, ganji.com turned


seize the short rental market segments

"if 100 yuan will be able to live in a sea view room in Sanya, 800 yuan can live in Hongkong Sanshiliangting garden room, will you choose?" has always been low-key, rarely interviewed Yang Haoyong in the face of an exclusive interview with the weekly Times reporter, some said excitedly.

let Yang Haoyong excited is just on the line soon ant short hire business. Less than two months, the ant has been close to the short rental housing in 29375, the growth rate is very impressive. At present, the ants short rental housing has been more than the first in the domestic launch of two short rental website. read more

28 02 17

I don’t think what master, occasionally a little experience, he came here to express my.

to see when the total TV ads like this is really funny, what 998 yuan to buy a real drill watches, a little funny a little funny, but obviously fake. Why is he so successful? Before long into the Chinese TV shopping market, why is it hot up? The truth actually inside money may not be much, but I think the reason is so popular is: most of their products is the market and no publicity really drill, the price is very low. I want to buy this one is nothing more than a few kinds: 1 kind of stay, I really thought it was genuine, want to pick up a cheap; 2 knowing that fake deliberately buy to impersonate tycoon show off; 3 did not know the true and false, just buy a look at exactly what.

is now a lot of people do Wangzhuan what adouer Xu Xu (such as advertising in order to avoid suspicion, without leaving the site, you go to Baidu search will know), these many are selling the same thing, but want to free for all, it is not easy. So they advertised to earn $10000 a month, such as advertising, you can sell, and the price is not cheap, a few hundred have, some simply engage in bidding. To tell the truth I feel learned these things may not be so promising, so the money he sold? But the problem seems to be out of here, this thing will not learn to make money, but he himself can be profitable, copy, cost 0, people buy money. Do well still make a fortune. Maybe some of them are real, but not much. read more

28 02 17

Tencent technology Wang Pan reported on June 2nd

Su Ningyun (002024.SZ) today announced formally to Taobao (Chinese) software ("Taobao") and Shun – Suning No. 2 (hereinafter referred to as "Shun") two subscription object issued about $29 billion 200 million worth of stock.

non-public offering of shares issue price of 15.17 yuan / share, the number of issued shares of 1926996505 shares, the total funds raised to $29232536980.85. Among them, Taobao to subscribe for 1861076927 shares, the subscription amount of 28 billion 232 million 537 thousand yuan; Shun to subscribe for 65919578 shares, the subscription amount of 1 billion yuan.

is reported that the transaction was announced in August 10th last year, Suning headquarters in Nanjing announced. According to the agreement, the non-public offering of the Alibaba group will invest about 28 billion 300 million yuan in Su ningyun, accounting for 19.99% of the total issued share capital, becoming the second largest shareholder of Su ningyun. At the same time, Suning will be 14 billion yuan to subscribe for not more than 27 million 800 thousand shares of the newly issued shares of Alibaba. read more