Provincial admissions letter sent an open letter to the college entrance examination students

the upcoming college entrance examination, the provincial admissions in May 27th issued the "open letter" to the 2016 college entrance examination candidates and their parents, the majority of candidates can hope that the integrity of college entrance examination, in any case do not undermine the fairness of the exam system.

open letter pointed out: candidates to participate in the college entrance examination will be subject to the cancellation of penalties for violations, cheating will also be included in the integrity of the file and accept social inquiries. In 2015, the state criminal law (Amendment nine) will also organize cheating, cheating and cheating, cheating and cheating in criminal law. Open letter to remind the majority of candidates: one according to the admission ticket admission admission time to take the exam. Before entering the examination room, all candidates must take the initiative to accept the use of metal detectors to check the safety check and the examinee identity verification. Candidates should remember: it is strictly prohibited to carry inflammable and explosive dangerous goods, toxic chemicals, cheating equipment and camera, scanning equipment, correction fluid, correction tape, book, notebook and mobile phone, electronic watches, bracelet, with wireless receiving and electronic memory function communication tool into the examination room. The two is to understand the foreign language listening test procedures, so as not to affect the test. If the candidates have opinions on the sound effect, must raise their hands, and are not allowed to make a sound, when the examiner came close to reflect my opinion, and then continue to answer. If the candidates do not raise their hands on the sound effect of the hearing problems, to the end of the examination, leaving the examination room after any comments are not accepted. Three candidates must enter the examination room on time. In the examination room to obey invigilator management, consciously abide by the examination discipline. 15 minutes after the examination is not allowed to enter the test center to take the examination on the spot (foreign language courses at 14:45 after admission, candidates banned 30 minutes before the end of the exam) can you play, you are not allowed to stay out in the vicinity of the examination room or talk. The four is the examinee to correct the test, serious discipline, get rid of all the luck, dispel all cheating idea, honest examination. If the candidates have cheating on the exam, will be in accordance with the Ministry of education, 33 orders, criminal law (amendment No. nine) and other relevant provisions of severe punishment.


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