Retail promotions need to focus on affordable

shop sales promotion can not only from the point of view of the shop, but also need to consider from the customer’s side, only really let customers feel the benefits of promotion, so that can cause the attention of customers. Therefore, in order to give full play to the role of retail sales promotion means, but also must be affordable and usability. That is, these promotions, to really benefit the customer, to allow customers to see the obvious benefits, feel tangible benefits. Do not rely on flicker, by deception.

some retail households are like this, they are using some of the so-called promotional means is actually playing deception, by flicker to attract customers. In fact, such a promotion may be effective in a short time, but a long time it is easy for customers to feel out, it will easily lead to customer questions and even resentment. There is even a dispute, or the future of the sale of certain adverse.

so that retailers want to engage in promotional activities at the end of the year, must be a matter of conscience, to be willing to give the profits to the customer, to fully demonstrate the benefits of "promotion", the only way to better attract customers, but also can maintain the orderly development of future business. There is no certain promotional benefits, it is best not to do, who will not only waste their energy, but also a waste of consumer time, and ultimately thankless, and even lead to criticism.

retail sun orchid said: now more and more savvy customers, some customers in the purchase of some goods before the general goods than three, will choose the best quality, the most reasonable price, the best price. In particular, the new economy under normal conditions, the customer is not easy to make money, so I also understand the customer psychology.

therefore, we lingshouhu to cast customers, to customers to promotion, if the use of the price, should be discounted on the basis of the original price, not the price discount first again; to give gifts to a certain value, let the customer can use the card to do; integral lottery held on time, avoid a check to empty promises and so on.

my annual New Year promotions typically involves gift only to give gifts to the specific value generally, what can let customers choose their own, or I according to different customer choice. For example, smokers shopping, I can reward "cigarettes", middle-aged women buy I will give family utility such as cups, tea bottle washbasin, young girl; I will give children toys to snacks.

according to different objects, giving different gifts can make them feel good, feel satisfied, so that we can better play the role of promotional tools. Based on my experience over the past few years, the results are very good, I will continue to implement this year, hoping to play a better effect.

customers are interested in all kinds of promotional activities in the store, and naturally they want to buy the same East

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