The site outside the chain of a top ten of how to make a high quality of the chain

chain + outreach, some people may not understand, say simply, and almost Links. For the same industry website, should take what kind of attitude? Cooperation and competition, in many commercial street, will form a kind of special.


can guide users to access the site outside the chain, the chain should be good, especially in the search engine in the case of weakening, the chain construction site towards the direction of diversification, on the construction of the chain, there are two versions, a view that the website of the chain the more the better another view the website chain is not much, but in quality. If the chain and quality and it is not better? So, how to make a high quality of the chain?

There are three main types of


double effect in an instant!

we first talk about what is outside the chain, the chain is short, all point to a specific external web link, this link can be dynamic, can also be the anchor text for users, dynamic website links can directly click on the search, and for the chain of the cause, the anchor text can meet the requirements!

high quality assessment, there are many factors, one factor is the domain name weight. An unknown to the public station, suddenly on a weight high website home page, so, this means that the website will have a large number of visits over a period of time, this is an indisputable fact, and many high weight website as the main means of website revenue, for the average the website, if not by the means of payment, it is difficult to get such an opportunity. However, if the site has a certain strength, must not be missed so the construction of the chain, can improve the site grade of

+ chain chainDouble effect

!The chain of

chain benefits, one is to improve the ranking of words, in the webmaster website issued information articles for example, generally in the last to be written on the website keywords and anchor text, this is the most direct embodiment of the site keywords chain; second benefit chain can provide website the exposure site is the need to promote, for users, they search on the Internet is in disorder, and their path is difficult to grasp, how to let users see their intelligence through various websites, all may display their website website left footprints, place this time, web site the chain plays a very important role, the more exposure, it means that may be more users to see; the chain is the main method to improve the site weight, the weight of a web site, is it visit How many more visitors off decision, it means that, in the search engine, the website of the active degree is high, on the user’s role, then, will form a natural affection, the chain as "bait", can improve the user access to a certain extent. These are three main effects, but the chain, want to make three maximum effect, cannot do without the high quality of the chain of

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