How to love Shanghai official tools to improve the keywords ranking


has been through the data we can see our website included in the description of content quality steadily, well done. If you find our site index declining, we will quickly find reasons, otherwise there is a risk of being right down.

3. provides a brand awareness through the love of Shanghai official customer service. Now the contents of the Internet users for the purchase of the dragons and fishes jumbled together, a lot of time on the Internet, very suspicious of the other site credibility, afraid of deception. We can provide the company’s business license and brand name to love Shanghai, love Shanghai through the audit will bring our customer service phone brand name in the search for our users will automatically display, which is more convenient for the user to identify, as shown below, our company has successfully applied for love Shanghai official customer service telephone:

love Shanghai in order to guide the webmaster of the white hat Shanghai dragon, Shanghai launched a variety of user-friendly tools Longfeng for Shanghai dragon ER reference and the data statistics, in order to prevent some wrong webmaster Shanghai Longfeng practices guide. It can be seen that the love in Shanghai to enhance the user experience of the determination, the webmaster can use these tools to check on our website, and make timely adjustments to our web site. So in the end what tools we can use? Here is one for everyone that.


2. love Shanghai promotion assistant. There are some free love Shanghai function promotion assistant, for not having sex extension in Shanghai Shanghai dragon, in which the most valuable is the love of Shanghai promotion assistant in keyword tool, we can see clearly a daily search volume keywords, and the data is updated in real time, we can do the analysis of user needs. And we can use this tool to expand the long tail keywords, as follows:


1. love Shanghai webmaster index query. Love Shanghai webmaster index query can provide accurate data for our index, we used the site relatively more accurate, we proposed a site data as the number of Statistics website, even if the index are not, it becomes a problem of our website content quality, it is necessary to adjust the content of the site quality. The index query visual trend chart shows us:

pictured above us in the search box enter the sprinkler, the love Shanghai promotion assistant will show a sprinkler related to us all the long tail keywords, such as mini sprinkler, sprinkler model in the figure, Jiangling 145 sprinkler, sprinkler, sprinkler dolly card we can find, some long tail keywords transformation the rate of chain planning and adjustment of target words on our website. Because of the different periods of the user search habits are different, we need to adjust.

enterprise station to apply.

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