What is the overwhelming victory in the rankings

usually, the home page is the weight of the site page, whether it is in the web page ranking or access to traffic are far more than the site with the page. While you may have been found in a lot of keywords ranking, website ranking is often involved in web pages, and page but in 100, the overwhelming page ranking what is why? The author Dennis some website page rank, while the home does not participate in the rankings for the original network optimization to share today as the wise remark of an experienced person everyone.

when we detect the site rankings suddenly found that participation in the rankings is the web page, but the home page but do not know where to hide the search engine. This time a lot of SEOer will be thinking in one direction – the site is down right. Here I want to say is that this phenomenon is not because the site down the right and cited. According to the website is right down the performance point of view, once the website home page is right down is far-reaching, not only is the overall rankings all fell, the inside pages of the site will not receive external Pro gaze, and easily enter the "sandbox" state, where the

keyword ranking?

since it is not because the site is down right and up, what is it? Only the inside pages in the website ranking is a comprehensive website evaluation result is not a single cause can be solved. Only through the evaluation of the various aspects of the network users can find the real reason, in general, the reason for this result is often caused by the weight of the scattered and keyword matching.

first, home weight dispersion.

in the optimization of the web site, the page will give weight keywords bring good weight so often will optimize the keywords on the front page. It is precisely because of this concept in the inside, a lot of SEOer did not grasp the number of keywords, so the layout of a large number of keywords. Is a direct consequence of the wolf little more meat, the weight of each keyword was reduced relatively, not up to the required weight of keywords ranking but not to be able to participate in the rankings, the relative weight of the inside pages higher catch up from behind, instead.

second, internal page keyword matching high.

if the home page is a comprehensive page, then the page is a special page, each page to show the contents of the more concentrated in the correlation. This makes the content of the site within the page correlation is relatively high, and this page user experience will be very good, take it for granted that keywords ranking will be high. The content of each page in the product, always concentrated display, so the corresponding keyword matching degree is high, the search engine keyword matching to get comparative advantage to the user experience as the main reference for ranking the search engine will be judged for their high degree of matching pages show network users.

site optimization is the goal of traffic, the author believes that whether it is inside the page or the home page of its marketing effect unchanged, ranking is secondary. But as the site of the "face" of the home page if not present, the enterprise is also not a good phenomenon. How to change this

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