The body does not move the heart has been far the advent of the era of mobile search

      contact the first mobile search, in fact, not long ago, together with a few good friends chatting in a no Internet cafes, I do not know who is talking about 3G such a concept, mutual exchange of views, I and another person some opinion is at odds, and the result of the debate is who can convince anyone, a friend said: "very simple, with Google Internet search, can know" near the cafe? Someone pulled out his cell phone, directly into the network, immediately search out what we want, I just feel the real point of the mobile search.

      "at any time, anywhere, free" convenient, mobile search is indeed the biggest advantage, it can be any place at any time, take any form of acquisition and dissemination of information, after the actual experience of the last time, I also try to move the search, as advertised, the network where we can not visit the site at any time, but there is a mobile phone where there will be a mobile search, do not know where, using a mobile phone to check; what’s for dinner tonight? Then the mobile phone check; the stock market is up or down, also can know easily using a mobile phone, before that day staring at the computer, even guarding the telephone, mobile search is coming today, as if not in trouble, but the dining room in the car, and can easily do things in the lounge.

      in the process of using, it found a lot of problems such as mobile search, mobile phone pick, is an obvious example, although now basically all praise mobile search good article, take Chinese how many mobile phone search as an important basis for a broad prospect for mobile, but this is an important basis, also can become rivals counter materials: China how mobile phone can effectively support the mobile search market, you say it, indeed, that it is small, and no wrong, in the support system is not perfect, is optimistic about the mobile blind search prospects, is a very common thing not.

      so, in fact, even now known as mobile search is a period of rapid development, the use of mobile search, is only limited to minority groups, and such a limiting, in addition to a mobile phone function limit just mentioned, more important is to change the way of thinking people for a mobile phone the search.

      now as long as 35 people over the age of the Internet or mobile phone refers to the use of mobile search, most of the answer is: "your mobile phone Internet, mobile phone Internet do engage in some things is not tight!" The words and so on, this kind of idea, in fact, a few years ago is not a regular SP caused by the fraud, the majority of users over the age of 35 said: "the Internet is mobile phone scams.

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