[the nternet] second dry cargo how to defeat the boss

Internet industry is the second to beat the industry leader, is a very interesting, it is worth exploring the issue. In this paper, the author combed his understanding of this issue, and for the field of online tourism elong as a case, from a perspective of industry observers to analyze and discuss. The young investor club.


I want to think and answer the following questions: (1) whether the Internet can beat the second industry leader? (2) how to beat the Internet Dick Dick? (3) how to help the investment industry second? (4) how competition in the online travel industry? (5) elong should take what kind of way beat the industry leader

?I think

is not necessarily correct and forming, for the industry and the company’s view is also a personal opinion, does not represent any subject of interest, is the goal, also please stakeholders, may friends can be friendly and helpful criticism.

one, the Internet industry can beat the eldest son


1 facts: the vast majority of industry leaders can not beat

I sort out the 21 segments of the Internet industry boss, the second child, the second ranking may not be completely accurate but also generally not bad.

through combing, I found that in these 21 segments, the vast majority of the second industry failed to beat the industry boss. Only a few times beyond is: 360 beyond Jinshan become the boss of the security field, Baidu map beyond the high german. In the next few years, it seems that the probability that these kids are older than their bosses is still not high (although the Internet is always full of wonders).




but we need to clarify the Internet beyond the second boss, is actually according to the various stages of industrial evolution curve to distinguish between different stages of competition, because the situation is different, the probability of the second beyond the boss is not the same.

according to the theory of industrial evolution, the evolution of the industry presents four distinct stages:

first stage: initial stage: low market concentration, the market is in its infancy, large space, fast growth, companies are busy staking, concentration is low, leading the industry does not appear, each enterprise’s market share is below 10%

;The second stage:

scale stage: some of the leading enterprises, the scale has certain advantages, market resources to the convergence of tilt, other companies began to specialize in certain fields, leading enterprises in market share could reach 30-40%; but the second and third and the boss of the gap is not very obvious;

The third phase of

– concentration phase: market >

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