Personal summary point of the site development points

      1 show that the data you need to choose, we must first of all whether this data is massive data. For example: select the drop-down box to add 100 records

      2 try not to limit the user’s input content.

          verify the content of the input (regular expressions)
          segmentation and processing return empty items (String.split (New String[]{”,’}’; StringSplitOptions.RemoveEmptyEntries,
          Chinese consider, full width character content.
      3 background interface design on the predetermined CSS, general background interface development, interface changes is not large, under the treatment of CSS. Otherwise a TD.

kill you

      unified planning 4 site directory. For example backstage management in admin directory. This convenient access to a directory of individual constraints, but also can restrict what directory does not need to be included in the search engine.

      5 BN layer development class, we must first consider whether this kind of function can be split into more specific subclasses, you may need to build an abstract class, and then inherit it. However, most of the time, we don’t think of these, so when a method in your class more and more, you should consider whether it is necessary to split the class.

    for example, we have a kind of logic, processing of automobile has just started, there is no problem, but later, many kinds of cars, you’ll be in a lot of time judging what type of car, then according to the place of this type of car call method corresponding to the theory. Then we should put this the class was split. A new abstract class car (if they have a lot of repetitive logic implementation, it should consider to build another bus interface) for each type of car, and then build the implementation class, these classes inherit the above abstract classes and interfaces. The corresponding logic.
&n> the type of the implementation class

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