Baidu to do electricity supplier in ndia competitive pressure is not smaller than in China

in addition to mobile phone manufacturers, Internet Co also want to go to India

Baidu not only in the country opened a little electricity supplier Baidu Mall, also want to go to India to sell things.

Baidu invested three companies in this breath. According to Reuters, the three electricity supplier in India are online search and ordering website Zomato, ticketing website BookMyShow and online supermarket BigBasket.

India market showed a huge opportunity, we want to connect more people and services, we will invest more resources in the future." A spokesman said in an email.

In response to curiosity daily,

said: "we can’t share more information for the time being," Baidu said. But Baidu has always attached great importance to the India market, and plans to invest in the long-term market in India. We will actively and comprehensively focus on a variety of investment opportunities in the Internet market in India."

it’s not the first time Baidu has made investments in India. Two months ago the India Economic Times said that Baidu plans to invest $100 million in India’s largest discount marketing site Mydata.

but Baidu’s competition in India seems to be much better than China’s.. On the one hand, the electricity supplier market in India has been divided into three companies: the biggest is Flipkart, it and Snapdeal and Amazon, India has a total market share of 91%. The Snapdeal in August last year has just raised $500 million, the money from the Alibaba, Foxconn and softbank.

on the other hand, and the electricity supplier has been closely related to the payment of Alibaba investment. In February last year, Alibaba acquired the largest payment platform Paytm parent company One97 Communications 25% stake in the proportion of this year in has increased to 40% in India.

now, India electricity supplier market size is not large. 2014 eMarketer data show that when electricity supplier sales in India was only $5 billion 300 million in the same period, China’s electricity supplier sales reached $426 billion 200 million, the former is 80 times.

is even more important, India’s network penetration is still very low, only 20% of the population of the population in the use of the Internet, and 20% of people in the use of smart phones in.

mobile Internet, India is also a 3G network of the world. According to the "India daily" curiosity earlier in the field survey, the main city in 2G/3G is still the most commonly used communication network, only a small number of operators in a city to provide 4G network, such as the India capital of Delhi in just six months ago, access to 4G.

fortunately growth potential is considered very optimistic. India Federation of industry and commerce with Price Waterhouse >

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