The Craziest Moments in Comic Series The Boys

first_img Marvel Censors Criticism of America From Marvel Comics #1000Can Even Jonathan Hickman Save the X-Men? This week sees Amazon stepping back into the superhero streaming world with their take on The Boys (stream it here starting July 26), Garth Ennis and Darick Robertson’s scathing indictment of the cape and cowl world. If you haven’t read the original comic, it’s a hell of a ride — gory, brutal and uncompromising, like you’d expect from the creator of Preacher. Even with Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg as executive producers, we’re not sure that the level of pure insanity will translate to the screen. Warning, because spoilers follow for the entire 72-issue run in this list of the craziest moments of the series.A-Train Kills Robin When we first meet “Wee” Hughie Campbell, the series’ point of view character, he’s at a funfair in his native Scotland with a young woman named Robin. It’s a sweet scene, as the two say “I love you” to each other for the first time, and then it all goes to hell. Super-speedster A-Train dashes through the scene in pursuit of a similarly fast foe, and he zooms right through Robin’s fragile human body, ripping her in half and leaving Hughie holding her severed arms. This is the incident that brings him in to the Boys and the Butcher’s quest for vengeance against every single hero on the planet.Homelander Drops TrouThe third issue of The Boys takes the focus away from Butcher and his gang and puts it on The Seven, with the Superman analogue the Homelander giving a tour of their headquarters to new member Starlight. Everything seems perfectly normal until seven pages in, when Homelander pulls down his tights and makes an emphatic request for the young heroine to orally service him. These heroes aren’t just callous in their disregard for human life, they’re also raging perverts who use their position as leverage. When fellow heroes A-Train and Black Noir show up, things get even worse for poor Starlight, who came from a small town in the Bible Belt and certainly wasn’t expecting this.Billy Gives Hughie Compound VAs Hughie starts working with the team, he’s under the impression that the Boys are just regular folks, contending with superheroes using good old American know-how and spy tools. That all changes when the Butcher comes up behind him and injects him in the neck with a syringe full of nineteen billion dollars worth of a substance called Compound V. Invented by Nazi scientists, this is the secret sauce that gives all of Earth’s superhumans their powers. Needless to say, Hughie isn’t terribly happy about being turned into the thing he hates most, but eventually he comes to terms with his new state of being.The Russia MassacreThe “Glorious Five Year Plan” arc sees the Boys head to Russia, where they discover a plan to overthrow the country aided by around 150 superheroes, each of which have been injected with a modified Compound V that will cause their heads to explode when a trigger is pulled. The scheme is unraveled with the death of Mafia leader Little Nina, but that still left an airplane hangar of Spandex heroes to contend with. Splitting off from the group, Billy the Butcher heads to the hangar and causes a gory mass detonation. This is the first sign we see that the team’s leader isn’t content with just keeping the supes in line – he won’t rest until they’re all in the grave, no matter what his mandate from the government is.Blarney Cock Comes Back For His HamsterDeath is never permanent in superhero comics, so when Hughie’s first (accidental) kill, the Blarney Cock of supergroup Teenage Kix, is reanimated as a brain-damaged zombie it’s just an excuse to play around with the concept. With just 3% of his mental faculties intact, the Cock escapes from headquarters repeating “Wammahamma” over and over again. That’s zombie talk for “where’s my hamster,” referring to the poor animal that he had duct-taped inside his butthole during his final fight. Surprise! Hughie rescued it and took it home, which leads to one of the series’ most absurd conflicts.G-Mansion SlaughterThe “We Gotta Go Now” storyline sees Hughie sent to investigate the G-Men, the world’s biggest and most lucrative superhero team. He joins up with G-Wiz, the junior ancillary squad, to investigate the mysterious suicide of a member. What he discovers is awful – all of the allegedly orphaned members of the team were actually abducted and sexually abused by the team’s founder. Hughie naturally doesn’t take this well, and he leads the rest of the Boys into a showdown with all 100+ G-Men. That is, until the corporate suits at Vought-American step in with an army’s worth of ordinance and cut the capes to ribbons with a hail of machine gun fire.Bloody Blackmail PixMost of the depravity we see from superheroes in the first half of The Boys is pretty normal stuff, all things considered – sex and drugs and bad behavior. That all changes in issue #40, when two Vought-American execs discuss a series of photographs of the Homelander that show him literally soaked from head to toe in blood and offal, viciously slaughtering innocent humans and eating babies. We learn that Butcher sent the photos to him, and for the last few decades he’s been under close monitoring but nothing like that incident ever happened again. We’ll learn the reason why for that a little later on this list.A Bad PrizeAs Vought-American starts to plan their exit from the superhero game, the Homelander comes to the realization that he’s between a rock and a hard place, but he’s also one of the most powerful beings on the planet. He uses “Believe,” a Christian superhero convention, as cover to organize an army of other capes to pull off a coup against the United States government. If you didn’t believe his outlook had changed, the arc climaxes with him taking a family of four who has just won a new car thousands of feet in the air and then dropping them to their deaths.Death Of A President“Dakota Bob” is the U.S. government’s last resistance to the V-A agenda, but the Homelander doesn’t even have to kill him – instead, he’s mauled to death in a freak accident by a wolverine a kid brought to the White House as a pet. It’s a grisly and totally out of nowhere scene that’s both played for laughs and creates a power vacuum that the Vought heroes use to sweep in and attempt to seize power. Homelander and hundreds of supes occupy the White House and kill V-A man Vice the Veep. The ultra-powerful hero also takes the opportunity to piss on the dead President’s corpse, just to really get his point across.Black Noir’s RevelationDuring the coup, Black Noir – the masked, mute, seemingly mentally deficient member of the Seven – unmasks in front of the Homelander to reveal that he’s actually a clone of the hero, a living weapon genetically engineered to take him out if he ever went to far. Those pictures of the Homelander slaughtering the family? Noir all along, and he released them to escalate the situation so that he’d be able to finally carry out the mission he was born to do. All of the casualties along the way didn’t mean a damn thing to him.The Butcher Kills The TeamBilly Butcher is the pivot along which the narrative of The Boys turns, organizing the group and telling them all different stories about his mission and motivation. As the series nears a climax, we learn that he lied about murdering Jonah Vogelbaum, the creator of Compound V, and was actually working with the scientist to develop a bioweapon that will kill every V-exposed person on Earth. Before he executes the plan, he betrays his team knowing that they’ll try and stop him. He manages to take everybody out but Hughie, and the pair have a final conflict at the Empire State building.More on Is Reportedly Adapting Neil Gaiman’s ‘Sandman’ Comics Into TV Series11 Forgotten Vertigo Comics That Would Make Awesome TV Shows11 Superheroes Who Became Villains Stay on targetlast_img

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