Pokemon Go players got Articuno by mistake Niantic admits

first_img Guarantee 1000+ CP1/17For Pokemon that can evolve, their starting CP will dictate whether or not their final evolution will hit the coveted 1000+ mark. While each Pokemon grow at different rates, you can use PoGoToolKit to estimate their final CP.Photo Credit: @iBlali on Twitter.<><> UPDATE: We interviewed Kaitlyn Covey, the Articuno-owner in question, to hear her side of the story.Yesterday we reported that Articuno, a rare and legendary Pokemon, had been found for the first time in Pokemon Go. We managed to get a few quotes from a Niantic spokesperson who suggested, at the time, that the Pokemon had been found with a hack.Now we have an official statement from Chris Kramer, VP of Fortyseven Communications, one of two firms that handles Niantic’s public relations.“We recently noticed that a few Legendary Pokémon got into a few accounts when they shouldn’t have. To preserve the game’s integrity and as a measure of fairness, we have rectified the situation and revoked the legendary Pokémon from the Trainers’ accounts.” This statement comes after almost a day of extreme infighting in the Pokemon Go community, with many claiming that the players who had obtained Articuno (and at this point it’s clear that there’s more than one) had cheated or hacked the game. One individual claimed that the Articuno was a gift from Niantic for an issue she had with her account. This preceded violent threats and a shocking amount of community squabbling, with many saying that Pokemon Go would be “ruined” if legendaries were available so easily.Her statement, backed by a video stream with proof of the Articuno on her account, infuriated many who felt that they had been slighted by Niantic. The past couple of weeks Pokemon Go has struggled to remain stable and Niantic has taken a few of the game’s key features out — like Pokemon tracking — to many fans’ frustration.This statement suggests that, whether it was a glitch or error, the players who got their Articunos weren’t hacking and that these Pokemon had to be removed from the account. This dispels a popular hypothesis from some players that suggested that players were using reskins or man-in-the-middle hacks to intercept data and spoof a common Pokemon like a Pidgey as the rarer Articuno.We asked Niantic to clarify and provide what additional information they could, but they have not yet responded.last_img

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