Craig Ruthowskys sentencing delayed

A Hamilton police officer was supposed to be sentenced on corruption charges today. Instead, he’s asking that his conviction be thrown out over an old flame. Craig Ruthowsky’s lawyer says a lead detective in the case had ulterior motives and was too zealous in his investigation.During the trial Craig Ruthowsky brought up several times that he had dated the woman now married to Staff Sgt Ben Thibodeau who was a lead investigator in the case against him.“As a result, he had an axe to grind with my client,” Ruthowsky’s lawyer Greg Lafontaine said today. “He did not approach his obligations with the detachment and absence of bias one would expect.”Crown John Pollard countered that it never occurred to Thibodeau to disclose that his wife once dated Ruthowsky. He started dating her years after, and Ruthowsky was then with his current wife, Christine. “It’s ancient history. It was 15 years ago.” The Crown said the couples had often been at events together with no friction.“The inference that somehow he must have this anger or jealousy, really speaks more to the applicant than to Sergeant Thibodeau,” The Crown said, prompting huffs and head shakes from Ruthowsky’s family.On Monday morning the judge will announce whether the conviction against Ruthowsky will be stayed for abuse of process. Then, if it goes ahead, the courts will schedule a new date for a sentencing hearing. Until he is sentenced, Ruthowsky remains out on bail, and paid as a Hamilton police officer. Whether or not these proceedings go ahead, Ruthowsky still faces another trial, on 16 other, similar charges, due to be prosecuted this fall.

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