Matt Saal, May 21

first_imgShare Facebook Twitter Google + LinkedIn Pinterest Things have been going really well here. Most people I have talked to are wrapping things up with planting. We are finished with beans and we are finished with corn, other than what we will plant after we get hay chopped.It seems like everybody in Wayne County is mowing hay this week. It has been cool enough that the hay is not drying very fast enough, even for chopping. We are having to leave it an extra day just to chop it. We pretty much chop most everything. This time of year we mow it, let it set a day and then chop it the next day. In the warmer months we mow it one day and chop it the next. This will end up being a little on the wetter side.Most people I have talked to say their alfalfa mixes have done very well this spring, but the small grains that have been taken for forage have not been yielding all that well this year. It may have been that hot weather we got. The small grains like the cool springs and we were hot and dry there for several days. That may have hurt the yields.I have been seeing a little uneven emergence in the corn and soybeans but it is not bad. We are still on the dry side. We have had a lot of spotty rains here in northern Wayne County. They have gotten a lot more rain in the southern part of the county.I have not seen any pest problems in the fields yet.last_img

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