Valencia remember that the finalists do not go to Europe

first_imgHe Valencia is one of the teams that suffers from the decisions adapted by the RFEF commission regarding the distribution of European places. Valencia occupies the seventh place in the League with 11 games to go and that place would give the Europa League a ticket as long as the Copa del Rey champion had won a place via the League.The proposal of the Delegated Commission of the RFEF, however, It would leave out the seventh place in the league even in the event that the current classification was validated and the Copa del Rey final did not take place. Thus, Real Sociedad would play the Champions League for being fourth in the League and Athletic de Bilbao, the Europa League for being one of the two Cup finalists. Valencia, in this sense, recalls that the RFEF proposal goes against UEFA regulations regarding the representatives of each country in European competitions. Thus, UEFA, in article 3 of the Europa League regulations, only grants a place in the Europa League via domestic cup competition to teams with the rank of champion. In its article 3.04, it highlights that in the event that the cup champion had a place via the League in the Champions League or in the Europa League, the European place would be occupied by the first-ranked player in the League outside the positions that give access to such competitions, which in the case of Spain it would be the seventh.UEFA does not contemplate in any of the assumptions set out in its regulations, granting a place to a team with no other merit than being a Cup finalist, only that who is also a champion finalist. DHence, UEFA should modify its regulations in order to ratify the RFEF request. Only in this way, Athletic Bilbao could play the Europa League in the event that the Cup final is not previously disputed.last_img

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