The notion of firing Mike Tomlin is rooted partly in racial discontent (Oct. 16)

first_imgLike us at @NewPghCourier on Twitter by Bill Neal, For New Pittsburgh Courier:10—First of all, the way things are going with “your” Black and Gold, it’s easy to get distracted, but given the remarkable accomplishments of Ms. Simone Biles, the distraction is easy and right on time. In case you were distracted, check this out: The 2016 Olympic Gold Medalist All-Around, Vault & Floor; Part of the Gold Medal-winning team dubbed “The Final Five;” Four Olympic Games Gold Medals; 19 World Championships; Two Pacific Rim Championships; Two All-Around World Cups; Five All-Around World Championships; Six-time U.S. National All-Around Champion; Three-time World Silver Champion; Three-time World Bronze Champion. She is the most decorated American gymnast of all-time and soon to be the most decorated gymnast of all-time!!!:09—Here’s how bad things have gotten in Steel Town. I was actually wasting time cheering for the lowly Bengals to beat the Dirty Bird Ravens and pulling for the Seahawks to keep the Browns in the Doghouse. C’mon man! (Turns out, on Oct. 13, the Ravens beat the Bengals, and the Browns lost at the last minute to the Seahawks…so I got one of them!):08—I know you will…but let’s hope a few folks on the perimeter read this and get it. Let’s be honest and call it what it really is. This ridiculous notion that the Rooneys are going to fire Mike Tomlin is rooted partly in racial discontent. He’s one of only two Steelers head coaches to win three division titles in his first four seasons. His record in his twelve-plus seasons in the regular season is now 127-70-1, the second-best record in the entire NFL during that span. His combination with Ben Roethlisberger has more regular season wins than any other combo in Steeler history…and we hit a massive brick wall and “you-all”…”ya’ll” want him gone. That deserves a double “C’mon Man” and one “Are You Crazy!?!?”:07—BTW, you try losing the best receiver in the game (screw-up as he may be!), the 1st or 2nd best running back in the game (sellout that he is!) and not your first, but your second starting quarterback as well, and let me know how that’s working for ya!:06—You only need to check one of my articles about 10 years ago to know I’ve been a longtime proponent that college players get paid! Long story short, cause there’s not enough time or space here, but you do the math. Just multiply all the colleges in the United States, NCAA Division 1, 2 & 3, then add up all the money coming in from all varsity sports. Now…tell me where all that money is. While you’re adding up don’t leave out the exorbitant salaries of the college administrators who, for the most part, never played anything but “Checkers.” C’mon people, get a clue here.:05—I am telling you now, if you’re afraid of the dark, don’t go see the Joker by yourself. Mmmmmaaaannnnn! 4 Basketballs just because it’s that sick.:04—I see some of you here and there, now and then, doing this and that…and you tell me you’re plugged into the music of your life I remind you of. But I bet you haven’t done this. Put the late great Wes Montgomery in the machine on your way home from work, roll the windows up and cruise in the slow lane. My suggestion is go with “A Day in the Life” and let the world just pass you by.:03—FINE-AL-LY, College basketball season is here. Let’s get ready for a greatly improved Duquesne season, a stepped-up Robert Morris season and if you heard Coach Jeff Capel on our Sports Show “Soul Take —Champions Live,” Pitt will be it this year.:02—Oh, the Penguins are playing and they’re third in the Metropolitan Division with six points. That’s all I got.:01—I know I keep throwing this at ya. But after this week, if you still need a reason to vote Trump out, you’re just not trying. As Cedric the Entertainer would say… “I don’t know what else to tell ya.”:00—GAME OVER.last_img

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