Monograph about Razija Mujanovic, the best Basketball Player of BiH of all Times, to be published soon

first_imgThe monograph about Razija Mujanovic, the best BH basketball player of all times, will come out from the press by the end of the year.The book contains her sports biography whose final is her last entry into the House of Fame of FIBA, which made her a legend, said journalist Ekrem Avdic from Tuzla, the author of the monograph on the most successful person in BH sports of all times.This journalist influenced the life and sports career of Razija Mujanovic. They are both from the village of Ratkovici near Celic, and their fathers were close friends. Avdic pointed the attention of the leaders of CC Jedinstvo Aida from Tuzla 37 years ago on “a high school student who is above the average.”Razija Mujanovic came to the club from Tuzla at the age of 14, and she already played in the first position at the age of 15, as well as younger representation team of BiH. She was four times European champion, and she played professional basketball in the US and Brazil. She won gold at the Mediterranean Games, as well as silver medals at the European and World Championships, and the Olympic Games in Seoul.The monograph will be printed in two languages, in our own language, and in the English language. The editor of the monograph will be Abdulah Sidran, one of the greatest BH poets, a writer, and screenwriter.“I am hoping that some of the successful BH companies will recognize the importance of Razija Mujanovic for our basketball, sport and our country in general, and sponsor a monograph on our Bosnian that entered the history of world sports. She is the queen of the world basketball that the whole planet appreciates. Bosnia is appreciated thanks to her. It is time for us to show respect for that great woman,” said the author of the monograph.He also recalled that one sports hall in Valencia was named after our Miki Vukovic, the world’s largest basketball coach.(Source:

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