Learn to manage the people and products of cosmetics stores

beauty of a woman’s heart driven clothing, accessories, beauty and other industries continued rapid development. In particular, the beauty industry, has a huge profit. Now on the market beauty cosmetics by consumers. Investment to join the beauty cosmetics project entrepreneurs, many have been a good development. But beauty cosmetics brand is also very much, which led to the situation of competition with the project more severe. Open skin care products chain stores want to enhance the profits, the owners have to know how to shop. For this, there are many investors are not very clear. Now, let’s get together.

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Men’s store selection of the four most prominent location

clothing market has been so hot, and the women’s market is not the same as men’s market, the competition pressure slightly smaller, so the men’s stores are generally located in what place? Now the business district is where several lots, around the situation is not too bad, but the same business district location is to be overweight, it will come to you one by


City Central Business District

this is mainly in the center of the city’s most prosperous areas, the city’s main street runs through the meantime, gathered many famous men’s franchise stores and a variety of professional stores, etc.. For the apparel industry, must be in crowded places, this is the best choice.

: the commercial street of urban traffic and transportation hub

this is the big city to commercial street, as clothing stores, buy clothes are in their leisure time, not in the rush to buy, so, in general, this is not the place for a clothing store. Stream of people. During the holidays, commuting time flow waves, men join site selection at these sites is to facilitate traffic shopping. read more

nner Mongolia will increase 300 thousand venture enterprises by 2020

entrepreneurship is one of the main driving forces to promote regional economic development, but also an important magic weapon to raise the employment rate in the western region. Inner Mongolia to promote entrepreneurship employment, providing a number of funding and policy support to encourage local farmers and herdsmen to actively entrepreneurship.

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How to ensure that children’s clothing store to make money

children’s clothing industry as one of the most profitable projects, and now has attracted a large number of investors’ attention, so want to do a very competitive pressure on the face of great. The main purpose of investors to open brand children’s clothing store is to want to make money, then the children’s clothing store stores, goods, services are required to be glamorous, and with appropriate promotional activities in order to succeed. Management skills is the door technology is an art, children’s clothing franchisee to master the essentials of management, and the implementation of the specific store management, in order to do a good job for a long time. The essence of

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What need to pay attention to open a flower shop

flower shop can be seen everywhere, a flower shop when the festival is particularly good business, many people want to open a flower shop. For the first time to open a flower shop, it is necessary to understand the operating skills of the shop, the only way to ensure the smooth opening of the florist.

site: it is best to choose a large flow of people or the concentration of young people, the flower shop to pay attention to what? Such as hospitals, universities, shopping centers or neighborhood.

area: a few square meters in general, the rent varies from place to place, the South Gate of the most expensive, to open a flower shop to pay attention to what? General monthly rent of more than 1000 yuan, while the west gate area is relatively cheap, generally about 800 yuan.

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Shop name should not use traditional characters

may be in order to reflect the difference, and now many shops in the production shop will be used when the traditional Chinese characters, although there are characteristics, but it brings inconvenience to consumers. Live in Longshan Nga Court of the people Ms. Xu reflected a few days ago, the children let the children learn to draw to recommend a friend’s gallery, but for a long time did not find, the original painting gallery of traditional Chinese characters, Ms. Xu did not recognize.

In case some businesses

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What business can make the basement

in the basement, a lot of people mind that emerges is perhaps the sepulchral atmosphere, at most only is the home of piled debris. However, if we can make good use of the basement can actually make money. So, what kind of business can make money in the basement?

generally speaking, do not do business in the shop floor, but it was also able to open the basement shop booming.

one day at noon, I went to a white-collar sisters to eat, the heart straight way to worry before, went to her, was 11:30 at noon to 1 p.m. this 1.5 hours, no canteen building, around the store is not full is too far, it is not convenient. So I gave her a phone call, asked me not to go to McDonald’s to buy something, the result is very calm sister said, you do not have this tube, you come on the line.

to know, people’s eating difficult problem has been resolved. To tell the truth, I was just a big jump, the original in their office on the ground opened a new food plaza, delicious everything. We have a bowl of spicy, a hamburger, eat very satisfied, but also saves a lot of time to chat with friends, saying, eat every day at noon and still have time to stroll around. It is understood that, in addition to the staff here will come to lunch outside the building, near the white-collar office buildings, and even nearby residents will come to dinner, there are a lot of people to solve this dinner, business is extremely hot. read more