Webmaster will learn how to start a small business to make a lot of money

What is the secret of

success? To find a best network poineering project? Or join a most popular investment project? A venture investment project has passion, can make money? How small business

earn a lot of money?

, let me tell you a story from the top of the mountain lamp.

has a master is actually selling tires, tyres, tyre, tyre and some sales. In the beginning of the shop, as long as the customer calls for help, he himself back to the location of the tool. Both winter and summer, or snowstorm raging. His image can be said is a bit shabby, head erect tail, nose down look, if not a mechanic’s identity, so how embarrassed he is the boss, who say it will not believe


is such a person, work hard, easily without help, do not let the customer left, personally, to ensure the quality of each tire, each repair, enhance the stability of particular emphasis on service level. A few years later, he used his honest polite and sincere service, his little shop became the most beautiful town car tire stores. read more

WordPress advantages and disadvantages of doing enterprise station

said enterprise station, several systems for having heard it many times everyone can blurt out, Liang Jing, Huambo, Medipro self-service system and so on, these systems are a mature business model, including the enterprise publicity aspects, is to do business station choice! In 09 years, HTML generation was the main selling point of these systems! At the same time, these commercial applications are the most explosive vulnerability program, often see such loopholes in the site was invaded, the program is packaged, the page is linked to the horse and so on


says some way, today’s topic is to do with WordPress enterprise


WordPress with its open source and easy to use and the characteristics of large style plug-in database support, has become the most popular blog and blog! With its good search engine friendly support to many enterprises station promotion preferred! This combination has promoted the establishment of enterprises with the trend of WordPress read more

Who is more promising for product managers and product operations Look at the various great God how

[Abstract] in recent years, PM speculation is very hot, then product managers and product operators who are more promising. This article discusses excerpts from the "know", which is worthy of everyone’s taste.

@ anonymous user (from goose factory):

industry said, Tencent products, Baidu technology, Ali’s operations, is the industry benchmark. In fact, in the goose factory, product manager career channel, there are two positions: product planning and product operations, so if this standard, product operations is only a branch of product managers. As a post is the product operation of goose factory product manager, my routine is: data analysis, user research, user feedback, follow-up, and maintenance of community management core users, competitive analysis, market analysis, product strategy, arrangement and output of product demand, operation strategy and plan (involving activities, content, channels revenue, operations planning), and output demand and follow up delivery channels, plans to release versions of follow-up products based functional testing and performance testing arrangement and follow up, and the introduction of CP content management… Well, who can give me a definite answer, I count in the end product planning and product operation? Here is that, because both the product planning and operation, and even marketing, I need to have someone, so I is the substitution of relatively low key members of the team and the backbone. read more

Soft writing skills series how to write soft Wen title

Hello, a few days ago on the A5 website wrote an article "Wangzhuan experience sharing simply station on the return of 30 yuan" articles, many webmaster and I asked QQ, how to write the title of the article, by asking this question more, so today I on this topic and a talk about it. I hope to have the help, hope to help more people


let me time to talk about how to write an article on the A5 website, the topic of how to achieve the maximum effect, we should take a consideration to write their own topics, this important topic, write soft skills in three aspects of


first, you have to bring visitors interested, did not meet this requirement if your content is also good lip-service, no one can see, in this way, the title of the article will be particularly important, of course, to the title of the article and the content is 11. For example, the title and content are corresponding to the people can pay attention to the title of the article and not to exaggerate or out of the contents of the article, it gave the readers a feeling of deception, that writing is not soft, The loss outweighs the gain.! Let more people benefit from it at the same time, they also benefit from it, everybody is good, that is really good! There are readers of infection you, the nature of your article will be spread constantly read more

Stationmaster has sense see the meaning that builds a station

once young, I contacted the Internet, according to the many characteristics of the Internet, imagine this is a vast universe of information, information. And one website is like a planet in this vast universe, meteorites. Based on this reasoning, the current large portals, such as Baidu, Sohu, Sina, Tencent, YAHOO, and NetEase, can be considered some major groups of nebulae. The blogs on these portals can be thought of as planets or floating objects in these cluster nebulae.

is a little bigger. I have access to blogs and websites. First, I applied for a blog in Sina and wrote articles regularly and happily. Later, I gradually got into the website and dreamed of owning a website of my own. Gradually, I came into contact with websites, domain names, website procedures, website space and a series of website construction problems. The initial contact with these, but also many naive, for example, according to my own name Liang Wenjin, a registered domain name liangwenjin.com, but later discovered that I was a junior, where so many of his autobiography, a story. So these ideas were rejected one by one. read more

With four point five aspects analysis WeChat search how to break through the bottleneck

WeChat search on-line for so long, but has not shown the expected effect, this how much attention to its people some surprise. After all, as the flow of Hongkou, WeChat internal activity has always been the warlords, in this environment, WeChat search appears to let everyone better to read and access to WeChat internal source of information to the public account has a broader stage, but so many advantages but not truly let WeChat search but in a few months break, the line gradually reduced to a "chicken ribs".

in fact, all this is sudden, careful analysis, but also seems reasonable. Because WeChat search, although based on the platform has a high degree, but the product itself operation and function of perfect also appeared problems. A series of problems can not be effectively resolved, relying solely on WeChat’s heat is clearly unable to support the future of a product, then WeChat search lukewarm, not fire, and what exactly about those factors? read more

n this value of the nternet era website construction need not Yan value

how to do a good website? This is not only the most in need of the user, and web designers wonder everyday things today and share a spell, in the yen value society, don’t need website yen value


Yan value is a network vocabulary, mainly for people or things of appearance, characteristics, quality, degree, scoring, as the name suggests, "Yan" is "appearance", "value" is the score, using network terms is the index. Say a website Yan value, it is to point to website home page design effect, in website home page design, passed a long exploration process.

‘s earliest website design, because of the lack of technology, design is very simple, then the speed and the size of the server, the quality can not bear too many procedures. With the rapid development of web technology, and the Internet, web page design becomes gorgeous, some web sites in order to pursue the main colors, some tall, also opened the animation opening, however, with the rise of search engine technology, and marketing website, in order to cater to the search engines, in order to make the user habits quickly open the website, website design and to simple from the face value, even by the search engines kidnapping. read more

Grassroots how to cut into the huge profits Taobao market

introduction: Game (individual micro signal zhulutaobao) last time in a blog posting Lu Songsong "on the double 11 Taobao off without integrity money" effect is good, dry cargo, caused by major industry media reprint. This detail wrote a deep interpretation of Taobao profits weight-loss market article, there are some insider, some operating practices, compared to media sites only reported a simple news, with the author’s experiences and views.

weight loss products, non sunshine industry, there is reasonable, although I do not touch the weight loss products. This matter whether moral


along the way, played test: Taobao – Google Adwords – a mailbox price bidding – content – Taobao – Baidu a bidding auction – low cost marketing network and so on, love test play, a lot of money for different gameplay, contact a lot from Taobao to outside the play, the lack of play read more

Market Research on the fierce competition before successful entrepreneurship

before the start must make preparations, market research is an indispensable link, Xiaobian summed up some simple and effective market research method, the hope can bring some help for everyone.

1, personal visits: Investigators get information through face-to-face conversations with respondents. read more

About 5 years of operation billiards class website accumulated some experience

from 04 years of operation billiards class website, to now has 5 years, and now has gradually grown into a weight or flow or visibility is good site. There are many billiards fans, and few people like to watch billiards online. Why? It’s better to play some games when you are free. This is the fate of casual games. The same is true of some other industries, such as stocks, which are monopolized by a small number of big websites.

What kind of people do

billiards website? See tutorial? Enjoy the video? Or what? These are the most basic, all kinds of video game classification included a variety of skills, unique content availability forum to share ideas and experiences, what is missing? What snooker fans are concerned? Where is your unique content 3 years ago? I have been thinking about this problem and did not find the right breakthrough, until 2 years ago, and several friends, get inspiration, the website must go on, the line continues, not only is it. read more