Why is the search results page instead of the content page

1: the user cannot find the result of

because there is no construction related pages within the pages of external links, basically no weight, resulting in the emergence of home page keyword search case.

For example:

also found, so are most of the long tail word I search page, URL station, long tail word does not appear but the home page, the search results is not on the website disadvantage? The answer is yes, we can at least know has the following drawbacks:

2: the weight of the inside pages of low

1: pay attention to the diversification of

solution to this problem:

when customers open the link that is not the content of their needs, will close the page, and this will lead to a consequence of the following.

talked about the search as we all know, the long tail word has been a major source of many of the site traffic, a popular long tail word brought to the site traffic is very considerable, when the site can do a lot of popular long tail word ranking, this website is more valuable, but sometimes when we find search for long term, our websites have good rankings, but the search results is not the long tail word content page, but the page? This question is worth us thinking deeply. read more

Traffic is not the more the better edge flow harmful

second, click on the way to increase the flow of

site is welcomed by the users, can stay and analyze the bounce rate from the website users, jump out rate is very high, so it can be concluded that this website is done poorly, not worth the user to see what the quality of the content; but not all is so, let a user into a not interested the website, must jump out rate is very high, because they have no interest in the content of the website, this is the so-called edge flow. The edge flow refers to the user access to the site is not according to their own ideas into, but through some other means to guide it, mainly divided into the following several types according to the professional website construction in Shanghai attracting network experience, but also we often do:

in the Forum blog on these sites, the use of some form of temptation links cheating people to click links to your site, behind a lot of temptation in the form of paper, leaving a want to see more, please click 贵族宝贝ys.***贵族宝贝/, actually open and found a need to optimize your website, then browse website users will disappointed, will leave after closing the site. read more

How much do you know about the most basic Shanghai Dragon

has a lot of people ask me questions, for example, "words in general how many times can appear in the article, or keyword density is how to plan?" the most basic problem, I think it is unbelievable, we have to think, now the webmaster is really understand the basic establishment of law, or that is the real good optimization basis? In other words, a few stationmaster now known as optimization in the company, known as the so-called "technical personnel" (Ps: is the first to correct, for the optimization of personnel, do good technical staff, really no pun intended). They just know the results of handling the labor of others, then simply replace the link to their own things, may feel very glorious, or to make some easy to do the chain of garbage Let the search engine, overwhelmed, for such people, I believe that most are excluded (Ps: I said so much, in fact, is really think we can build a harmonious environment for the search engine. ). read more

Four things do not need daily attention of Shanghai Dragon

2, flow: Shanghai dragon will generally pay more attention to traffic, always expect one day a sudden increase in site traffic. Site traffic statistics statistics commonly used for 51 and a baby Analytics. Look at the traffic every day is a good habit for the novice. Because the flow can help you analyze what kind of promotion is more effective, so as to help you gain experience in website promotion. But for the non novice Shanghai dragon Er, every day to see the site traffic is not a good habit. With the increase of the number of sites for you, every day to see the flow of waste of time will be more and more. And traffic data is for long-term site analysis, rather than short-term. You should analyze traffic data from pay attention to important points, and should not be limited to one day or a certain time point of the flow. So, do Shanghai dragon should not be second things every day is the focus of the flow. Flow around a week at a time, once a month to do the analysis can be the best with the previous few months compared to flow. read more

How to do the site within the chain

The original

article pages much more appropriate. Good inside chain can not only transfer the weight, but also according to the needs of users to improve the bounce rate of the page, to enhance the user experience. In the article, when it comes to other related events or terminology, give the related articles to add link interspersed in the article, in the search engine, is a very recognizable way.

. Many webmaster to force the chain, of course, the chain site is well done, have a very high weight. But in addition to the chain, in the role of the chain is not to be ignored. If you have been ignored in the chain, maybe you will encounter such a situation: one day the content of the website included less; SITE is not in the first snapshot; stagnation; page has no home page ranking and so on. This is all in the chain may cause the results not ready. read more

Montana share Shanghai dragon station optimization eight elements advanced version

, the landing page content to solve the problem and not just a description of the problem

four, avoid all kinds of elements of

conventional implantation (> old burst

driven users off the page

many users open the web site will produce a good first impression, copycat, good wood louse is not what we want, not professional results. Page design need to have UI & UX investment and reputation to its own brand endorsement, otherwise the user is difficult to produce on the website of the sense of trust and participation. The actual landing approach is a good reference site industry imitation, buy a paid version of the website template or allowing users to participate in the design of each link.


three is a sense of trust, to enhance the sense of participation of UI, UX and

pieces of information era and no one is willing to give you the opportunity to wait, so open website loading speed is more important than any optimization point. The opening time is shorter, the higher the customer satisfaction. The search engine is the same reason. So to consider the optimization speed which can be done, such as CDN, remove unused code, server broadband upgrade, cache, page weight, pure static page optimization action. read more

Case analysis a web site was hung black chain analysis process

The following

we directly according to the keywords to search:

then we have to look at the simulation test results are accurate:

results show that our conjecture is valid, but since the website source code has not been modified, in the end is where the drill out of the black chain? Since black chain is according to the type of reptile, then

finally found the problem in the global.asax file, hidden inside a JS script, because the website program is developed in.NET contrast so before in win environment to do at the beginning, also found the global.asax file, but win with the following text editing software when open only to see a blank in fact, the real part of the code is hidden in the hundreds of lines.

obviously was linked to the black chain, because never done so to hang black chain live a variety of techniques to hang black chain is not very good, the first reaction is certainly the website file is malicious tampering, and immediately check the website source files, after a comparison there is no obvious abnormalities, but the black chain in the end where does it come from? read more

Discussion website optimization product page

1, each product has a unique URL. Any business systems are complex, different URL, link the same page. This situation often exists. As shown below, is three different URL links the same pages.

, NH to analyze the website home page and column page (贵族宝贝admin5贵族宝贝/article/20150508/597687.shtml) website (贵族宝贝admin5贵族宝贝/article/20150509/597731.shtml) optimization, today continue to share with you today to share my girl, the content is to optimize the website product page, the following main points:

4, rich text. Mentioned in the comments, search engines can be referenced as products in the search engine of Fuwen information. If the product pages indexed by search engines, love Shanghai in the search engine results page can display three lines of description. Thus, the rich text is worthy of us to do attentively. read more

Cohen how big is the value of Alexa500Some personal views on the recent performance of shlf1314 AdSe

third, the advertising price low. The shlf1314 AdSense data Chinese own website, other friends to get data so.

Since the

wangzhi520/ station,

I had a careful analysis since April shlf1314 AdSense’s performance, people are not satisfied with the results.

The original

fine Ke Xing: 265 and we should be competitive, they do more widely, we have done more specifically.

I first want to say is what kind of a 500 strong, indeed we can not find a website just flow standard, Alexa is indeed a fair comparison, it is not the most authoritative also dare not say, but at least it does not have any relationship inside.

, Qin made a clear statement just now, but I don’t know why today’s topic is called "Alexa500". Is it true that all the top 500 companies are financing? I don’t know why it into the top 500. read more

Discussion a UEO is the Shanghai Dragon

look at building ten years ago, still open and successful website, whether it is any type of user experience above they are doing very well, such as "A5, CHINAZ" and so on the types of sites are from at the beginning of the site is very care about the user experience. If a network >

but there are also some flow station, such as a novel station, movie station, QQ signature station needs to flow, but also has a large number of long tail word is zero, almost can be said in the competition. If you do not do so and how are you going to Shanghai dragon promotion website post?? QQ? Marketing? NO! Without any kind of promotion methods as Shanghai dragon.

why I say Shanghai dragon is never out of date? Search engine needs a large number of sites to search results appear in his natural position is the search engine to the webmaster to continuously improve the website, and then give some rankings. With the development of the technology of search engine, make some grey hat and black hat is more difficult to develop, this is the legendary Shanghai dragon out of date. Timeless is always Shanghai dragon white hat technology, that is the Shanghai dragon real technology. The grey hat and black hat Shanghai dragon, I can only use a word to describe the "do not die, don’t die!" read more