The love of Shanghai K station second wave suspected database update

5, medical site or a sensitive industry station group operation;

I carefully collected on the K station on various forums, mainly have the following several kinds of speculation:

1, a large number of acquisition or low quality pseudo original content;

2, sending links or links to buy cheat chain operation;

6, Web2.0 site by spam;


4, the website space, such as filing, server stability;

first we look at the Shanghai dragon why forum initiated the vote. The vote is the moderator wolf Shanghai dragon launched, launched soon become hot, the post visit amount has exceeded 2800 of the visits, as I have 324 webmaster position screenshots of the vote, the voting results are as follows, 232 station site was K, accounting for 71.6% of the number of all.

this simple voting data may somewhat one-sided, although also can explain K wide area, but it is still not enough, here through the database to a Shanghai Longfeng vane under our Chinaz, including data (575710 of the total number of data sampling site):K ratio reaches 2.29%, and the average proportion of the previous K station has been only 0.2% points. All of a sudden increase of 10 times, then the site was K range as can be imagined. read more

Love Shanghai audit period who decides

found a lot of friends, more anxious on the website, with only one blood cavity, what are not ready on. This is like a child has not developed good courage went to miss, but the actual operation will have serious defect.

Er old money to shorten the review period of the Shanghai experience part of love experience, interested friends can try.

from: Wuhan Shanghai dragon Er money Jiang Jiang’s blog address: 贵族宝贝027, Shanghai dragon er贵族宝贝/post/178.html, reproduced must indicate the

Two, the

for a fast through the review period in the new station, the content is the decisive factor, so the daily timing, quantitative update the original article is very important.


, a website filled

into the weight is not so easy to attract spiders, need to find some high weight resources, soft Wen contribute or pay is issued personal recommendation, because the link weight for love Shanghai in the article naturally occurring is relatively high, and these links are one-way links, the effect will be more obvious. So spend a few dollars a few advertorial or value for money, of course, in the soft release site or to follow the three principles of relevance, high weight, can be collected. read more

How to attract the spider included more pages

this is probably a lot of new Adsense puzzling problem, we do Shanghai dragon is definitely to let the spider included more pages as possible, even some webmaster want to let the spider included all pages of the website, actually this is not possible, so we want to let the spider as much as possible included in the page, as well as may let the spider attract more important pages. Today Ji’nan petty website optimization to tell you how we should attract spider.

this problem many webmaster didn’t notice, in fact this impact on site optimization is relatively large, generally we can to two or three level directory, if the page into deeper spider may not crawling, the user experience is not very good, the page weight will be more low. So some webmaster >

1, web sites and pagesThe read more

How to improve the conversion rate of customers


, a website optimization of the title and descriptionWe know that the

, is through the website to bring certain customer consultation, customers, customers to buy. Some website do pay promotion, some sites are Shanghai dragon. No matter what method we are in order to obtain the target customers. So after getting traffic? How to effectively put the flow into the "performance"? [this] Zhao Qiang Feng intermediate Shanghai Longfeng would like to discuss with you in this aspect.

, thank you! A website construction of

case: if I were a short message customer demand in Ji’nan, I visited a website through the website, I saw many customers with the cooperation, I would be more trust in this company? I would think "people believe in this company, I should believe?" read more

How to love Shanghai official tools to improve the keywords ranking

has been through the data we can see our website included in the description of content quality steadily, well done. If you find our site index declining, we will quickly find reasons, otherwise there is a risk of being right down.

3. provides a brand awareness through the love of Shanghai official customer service. Now the contents of the Internet users for the purchase of the dragons and fishes jumbled together, a lot of time on the Internet, very suspicious of the other site credibility, afraid of deception. We can provide the company’s business license and brand name to love Shanghai, love Shanghai through the audit will bring our customer service phone brand name in the search for our users will automatically display, which is more convenient for the user to identify, as shown below, our company has successfully applied for love Shanghai official customer service telephone: read more

How to do the internal optimization to improve the keywords ranking


Shanghai dragon Er is to do their best to make the site appear in the search engine page, improve the site keywords ranking, the first thing every morning is how to boot query keywords ranking, website traffic to a variety of indicators. Every query wants the site keywords ranking can be improved, however, the indicators of many times website will appear some problems, as the webmaster is quite upset. How to improve the keywords ranking has become a work of Shanghai dragon er must be studied.

website content is the soul of the website, to attract visitors to the most important is the content of the website, search engine for the website content requirements is now increasingly high, especially the love of Shanghai, the original high content more easily indexed, keywords on the site’s ranking plays an important role. Although the update content on the website is in trouble, but also could not be collected articles on the website, so often spent more The loss outweighs the gain., in the later time. read more

How to determine the weight and height of the web site in the search engine

is the amount collected determines a method of weight and height of the web site is the most important, because only the high weight of the site, the spider will at any time to take up his website, see if there are new articles included and give up. What is the number of income reached high weight, this depends on what website. How is the electronic commerce website only to reach 10000. How is the enterprise website, only to reach more than 300. For webmasters like the site, but also to reach more than 5000, so this love webmaster nets also do not very good.

site website


look at the others in website ranking, included in the article search engine, and then put the title of the site title into the search column, then search, if in the first place, that the weight of the site is very high, if not in the first place, that the weight of the site, is not very high. read more

Liu Dan what is the effective implementation of the real force of Shanghai Dragon

I have a high school classmate, usually in school performance in general, class is not too serious, I find that person is a kind of student slapstick, the eyes of many people work, but every exam, he is in the top three. This makes a lot of people envy, including me. We have to put this situation due to his wise head, otherwise it could not explain why he doesn’t work hard can get good grades. Just two years later, once when we chat, he inadvertently said at last, you love a person learning in the night time, that is to say at the time at home is his main learning time. It is not difficult to explain why he appears to be idle, but can achieve excellent results. I see light suddenly suddenly.

Now we

said the two story, don’t know what you’re feeling. In the current Shanghai dragon industry, there is a very impetuous atmosphere, NB said we are in a very profound theory, to maintain this seemingly gorgeous industry, master by obscure theory to reflect their own good, while novices do not believe that Shanghai dragon will be so easy to tell him very simple he will think you fooled him, you are not the level of. Cheating in such a big environment, does not want to stop doing things to people. This is why the so-called "goal" and "three days ranking" like to make a lot of people interested in. Just think, if a thing is no threshold, everyone can easily do it, then the thing itself is of doubtful value. Otherwise, each get a software or find a group of people, every point on the OK, this is the Shanghai dragon, the happy. The only two words: impetuous. read more

They love Shanghai seconds on very careful

can imagine a maze of complex structure (each page with a large number of flash or a large number of pictures, there is a complex Javascript link) and the same page, there are too many different forms of URL, too many links (there is a 404 page or robots.txt file restrictions) website is difficult to let love Shanghai seconds (Google that included).


secondly, the site must be "the code is simple, with a clear and strong logical structure (chain system convenient), clear structure, clear navigation and internal links to make search spiders and users in your website engine can easily capture to want to get the information.


search engine faster included we upload website new content is every webmaster wish, love Shanghai seconds (Google that included) marks our website maintenance (from structure to content upload) get recognized by the search engines, web site maintenance has entered a virtuous cycle process. read more

Love of Shanghai rules after the change of the content is king the chain for the emperor

1. to further reduce the weight of the blog, forum chain website itself output; believe that many webmaster have heard before, the industry forecast of a web site, only rely on its powerful blog group from Shanghai to get millions of love single day traffic, but on its website this year is only IP three to forty thousand, thus the influence of.

. Search engine and users love the content of


perhaps is because of the emergence of similar rain events, love Shanghai rules have some let Shanghai Longfeng awful change:

but thankfully: Although the website included in reducing the amount, but on the IP website is on the increase.

2. of the original content judged to be more demanding, and the anchor text to the inside pages included more difficult. This author has a very direct experience, before one of my site every day, the quality and quantity of good pseudo original update, the spider frequented, every day included speed is very gratifying. By this method, pseudo original still has not changed, or it can be said that absolute higher than last year, but included the amount of love Shanghai decreased significantly. What is more, even before the part has included the inside pages also disappeared in the search engine. By contrast, the inside pages have included the maximum and disappear inside pages feature is the pseudo original degree. The anchor text for the contents of the page, the sea is now in love with the majority are not included, obviously. read more