Q&A with KG: Why Garnett hopes these Warriors stay together for the long haul

first_imgOAKLAND — Future Hall of Famer Kevin Garnett knows a thing or two about outdoor hoops.As a youth, he honed his skills at Springfield Park in Mauldin, South Carolina, developing into one of the best high school prospects in the country, starting at Mauldin High, then Farragut Career Academy in Chicago, where he became Illinois’ Mr. Basketball and a McDonald’s All American in 1995.Now, after a 21-year NBA career, Garnett, now the host of TNT’s ‘Area 21′ is giving back. On Friday, in …last_img

Weird Science Tolerated by Science Reporters

first_imgWhat are the boundaries between science and pseudoscience?  Before answering, look at some of the stories that made headlines on science news sites recently.Legendary science:  Siberia plans to study the Yeti, reported PhysOrg.  Yeti has nothing to do with extra-terrestrial intelligence; it’s the popular name of a legendary abominable snowman locals report having seen living in the Himalayas, like Bigfoot in North America.  “Officials in a Siberian region have announced plans to open a scientific institute for researchers to study yetis, despite opposition from academics,” the article said.    A local university hurried to distance itself from this project.  But is the absence of solid evidence grounds for branding something as pseudoscience?  After all, cosmologists look for dark matter, dark energy, cosmic strings, inflation, and other unobservable entities.  Biologists search for missing links.  Throughout the history of science, credible researchers have sought evidence for unobservable things in the name of science, SETI being a notable example.Martian invasion:  Space.com seriously entertained the notion that life on Earth began at Mars.  “New Tool May Reveal Your Alien Ancestry,” announced Mike Wall; “It’s possible that the family tree of all life on Earth has its roots on Mars – and a new device could put that theory to the test in a few years, researchers say.”  David L. Chandler also wrote up the story on PhysOrg.    The test would involve digging in Martian soil, separating out possible organisms, and sequencing any DNA or RNA found.  An instrument being developed at MIT and Harvard is being given the name SETG: Search for Extra-Terrestrial Genomes.  “It’s a long shot,” one of the designers said.  A positive detection would not necessarily mean life originated on Mars; “we could have originated on Mars” is one option; “Or if it started here, it could have been transferred to Mars.”  Space.com interviewed Chris Carr [MIT], one of the inventors, who emphasized the looking before the understanding.  When, though, does this become a science project?  How does SETG differ from the YETI institute?Intelligently designed Everglades:  Thousands of mounds in the Everglades offer high ground for rich collections of plants, birds and wildlife.  Where did they come from?  A new theory suggests that some of them are unnatural; “Heaps of trash left behind by prehistoric humans might have given rise to many of the tree islands found in the Florida Everglades,” claimed Live Science.    “This goes to show that human disturbance in the environment doesn’t always have a negative consequence,” a proponent of the theory from McGill University said.  “Hundreds to thousands of years ago, some of the things humans did actually created valuable ecosystems.”  It’s not clear if Gail Chmura was suggesting modern landfills can be beneficial, but one thing is clear: to test her hypothesis, she had to use intelligent design techniques – i.e., to determine if humans left their trash in these heaps on purpose.  How the unobserved tribes lived in the swamps before the middens piled up was not explained.They came from space:  Panspermia and six other theories about the origin of life were posted by Charles Q. Choi on Live Science.  The seven notions – Miller spark discharge, clay, deep-sea vents, cold fusion, RNA world, metabolism first, and panspermia are all controversial and mutually contradictory.    Does having multiple controversial, contradictory theories improve the odds that at least one will turn out to be scientific?  Unless and until one of them succeeds, are any of them scientific?  Even if one wins a consensus, will it have any necessary connection with the real world, or will it remain a hypothesis forever, since no one can go back in time to test it?Futurist paleoanthropology:  Some day the successors of humans may find bones of us and wonder what they were.  That’s a speculation posted on PhysOrg in the name of science.  This thought experiment, like a Russian doll, embeds deeper puzzles: “Further research would show Homo sapiens walked upright, lived in communities and buried their dead,” the article said; “But this future intelligent organism might be faced with an old puzzle–determining where Homo sapiens came from.”    What this implies is that scientists today do not know where Homo sapiens came from.  Bernard Wood “argued it’s not so easy to determine whether relatively new fossil finds are early members of the human evolutionary family or prehistoric apes.”  In the article, Wood shared a number of worries about understanding human history.    Wood’s paper was described as a thought experiment – a term some in science consider an oxymoron.  Does getting funding from the National Science Foundation confer scientific legitimacy on puzzles embedded in a thought experiment?  How much time do paleoanthropologists get to figure things out and still be considered scientists?In the matrix:  Mike Treder titled an eye-catching article on the Institute for Ethics and Emerging Technologies website, “We’re all alone and no one knows why.”  He invoked the Fermi Paradox (if aliens exist, they should have found us by now) and the Copernican Principle (we are nothing special) to sort out the pros and cons of three propositions: (1) We are the first beings capable of expanding into the cosmos, (2) Others have migrated but have made themselves undetectable, or (3) Others have hit roadblocks either by destroying themselves or hitting an impassible radius.  He considered the first proposition absurd based on evolution and the Copernican principle.  The third option he considered more plausible than the second.    After considering objections, he concluded that aliens just can’t get out very far.  He wanted to avoid any conception that we are somehow special, if not unique.  “All in all, it seems clear to me – irrefutably logical – that some sort of cosmic roadblock, as yet unidentified, must exist,” he ended.  “Either that or we are in a simulation.”  Since none of his speculations are testable, but rely on assumption-driven deductions, do his ideas belong in science, pseudoscience, philosophy, or some other category?All the above weird and speculative claims were tolerated and even promoted by leading science reporting websites.  Creationists and advocates of intelligent design, though, are routinely excluded from offering their research, evidence and insights within academia and the media.  Why is that?  Is it because their ideas are more weird than the above?  After all, Dykstra’s Law quips that everyone is someone else’s weirdo.  Is science a matter of sociology, then – being in the right peer group?  On what basis do the science news media exclude intelligent design ideas while promoting all the above without with nary a peep of criticism?    For decades now, philosophers of science have pointed out that there is no set of necessary and sufficient conditions for calling a theory scientific; there is no one set scientific method, and there is no means of validating science from within.  There is no agreement on scientific explanation, scientific evidence, scientific verification, or scientific objectivity; and the sociological influences on science cannot be ignored.  Within this messy situation, one would hope that observation plays a leading role, along with honesty, fairness, and logical consistency.Just as an accountant can count but not account for counting, a scientist can do science but not scientifically test science.  Science can’t even account for the validity of our sensations relating to the external world.  Some evolutionary epistemologists have tried to argue that our survival required evolution to give us reliable sensation of the external world, but that is not necessarily so, even assuming evolution: all natural selection would do is ensure reproduction.  Besides, the argument is circular, assuming evolution to base a conclusion on evolution.  One cannot escape philosophy – and ultimately, theology, which validates philosophy (philosophy cannot account for the laws of logic it employs).    The only starting point that is logically consistent is faith in a personal righteous God who made the world and has granted to humans the ability to perceive the creation using the somewhat trustworthy, if not infallible, sense equipment he provided.  This accounts for intelligence, the laws of logic, values of honesty and integrity, and the correspondence theory of truth (that our senses provide access to a real world).  Any other starting point is hopelessly muddled in self-contradiction, trying to account for these requirements without sufficient causation or validation.    Everybody has faith in something.  A scientist may as well have faith in a world view that works: “in the beginning was the Word… all things were made by Him” (John 1:1-3).  The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom, Solomon said; it’s only the beginning.  You can’t even start being wise without it.  As evidence we offer some of the bullet points above.(Visited 19 times, 1 visits today)FacebookTwitterPinterestSave分享0last_img read more

Celebrating Top Outstanding Young Persons Playing Their Part

first_imgBrand South Africa and the Junior Chamber International (JCI) have been in partnership for several years to continuously emphasise the importance of living the Nelson Mandela legacy, this is by way of contributing towards social justice for all especially by young persons. Through The 2019 Top Outstanding Young Persons (TOYP) Awards ceremony hosted on 27 July in Durban, KZN, young people were recognised and acknowledged for their selfless efforts towards taking action against social inequalities.The awards speak to Brand South Africa’s Play Your Part initiative which promotes active citizenship nationally as well as JCI’s mission to provide development opportunities that empower young people to create positive change in all spheres. The TOYP Awards were acknowledged during Mandela Month and a special noting that six young women are also recipients of the Ten Outstanding Young person awards.         As the country celebrates Women’s Month, we commend these young women for breaking the glass ceiling and contributing to enhancing confidence in citizens taking pride in their country through active citizenship.Mbokodo we salute you!!!As the country faces ominous times it is imperative now more than ever that we continuously build confidence in the future of the nation, drive collaboration for opportunities for every South African to make a positive difference in eradicating poverty and unemployment.Click here to see the 2019 recipients of the Ten Outstanding Young person awardshttps://drive.google.com/file/d/1oJPyBJgt4EuhqhF2Fy_qx48zS0JIrl5R/viewWe applaud the JCI for playing its part by developing young leaders and providing them with a framework to have the greatest positive impact in our changing world. Learn more about JCI http://www.jcisouthafrica.co.za/bbp/index.php/about-jciJoin the movement, find out how you can play your part in your community: https://www.brandsouthafrica.com/play-your-partlast_img read more

Social CRM Set to Take Off in 2011? Not so Fast.

first_imgToday SugarCRM released the results of its 2010 social CRM survey, and it seems to be generating a bit of buzz on Twitter. The survey found that although only 26% of respondents have already integrated their customer’s social network profiles with their CRM data, 72% plan to do so this year. But don’t get too excited. The survey had a very small sample size.According to Martin Schneider, director of communications at SugarCRM, the survey had just more than 100 respondents. It was an open survey conducted by SugarCRM’s public relations firm Schwartz Communications using SurveyMonkey. While 72% of respondents is a lot, this is a small, self-selecting group and it’s hardly indicative of a trend towards social CRM adoption in the future.Here are the results SugarCRM released: 3 Areas of Your Business that Need Tech Now 42% of respondents said LinkedIn is where they most often interact with or research customers and prospects, while 32 percent listed Facebook and 14 percent listed Twitter.50% of respondents said yes, social networks have helped their business become more successful in the last 12 months.Only 26% of respondents said they currently integrate their customers’ social networking information with their existing CRM data.72% of respondents said they plan to integrate their customers’ social networking information into their existing CRM data within the next year.For a comprehensive view of the state of CRM, please see Paul Greenberg’s CRM Watchlist 2011. Tags:#enterprise#Trends IT + Project Management: A Love Affair klint finley Massive Non-Desk Workforce is an Opportunity fo… Related Posts Cognitive Automation is the Immediate Future of…last_img read more

Chief Justice Commits to First-world Standards in Three Years

first_imgStory Highlights Outlining achievements of his first six months on the job, the Chief Justice said that in June and July this year, “we had a five-day leadership training course for all senior parish court judges, and a four-day leadership training programme for court administrators, registrars and deputy registrars of the Supreme Court; senior officers within court management services; as well as for supervisors in the Supreme Court, Court of Appeal and Coroners’ Court”. Delivering the main address at the Judiciary of Jamaica’s National Public Education Symposium and Expo, held on the grounds of the Clarendon Parish Court, in May Pen, Clarendon, on September 27, the Chief Justice said he is committed to First-World standards in the delivery of legal services.  Justice Sykes said he is now building the human capital in order to deliver the services needed and deserved by all Jamaicans. He added that no matter how many computers are available or how modern the buildings are, without the adequate personnel to do the job, it makes no sense. Chief Justice, Bryan Sykes, has given his commitment to raise the standards in the justice system to First World in three years.Delivering the main address at the Judiciary of Jamaica’s National Public Education Symposium and Expo, held on the grounds of the Clarendon Parish Court, in May Pen, Clarendon, on September 27, the Chief Justice said he is committed to First-World standards in the delivery of legal services.“I do not use the term administration, but delivery, because what matters is not what is planned or administered, but what is delivered. So I am making the commitment to Jamaica to be the best in the Caribbean in three years, and one of the best in the world in six years. In terms of service delivery, that is achievable,” Justice Sykes emphasised.He pointed out that the theme for his tenure as Chief Justice is: ‘One in Three in the Caribbean and One in Six in the World’, adding that although it is a dream and an idea, everything begins with an idea that has to be translated into action.Outlining achievements of his first six months on the job, the Chief Justice said that in June and July this year, “we had a five-day leadership training course for all senior parish court judges, and a four-day leadership training programme for court administrators, registrars and deputy registrars of the Supreme Court; senior officers within court management services; as well as for supervisors in the Supreme Court, Court of Appeal and Coroners’ Court”.He also noted that in August, the first visioning and strategic planning seminar was held. This involved the judiciary, Cabinet office and Ministry of Justice.“Out of this exercise, a strategic plan is being developed, and upon completion, will be shared with the nation no later than February 2019,” the Chief Justice said.Justice Sykes said he is now building the human capital in order to deliver the services needed and deserved by all Jamaicans. He added that no matter how many computers are available or how modern the buildings are, without the adequate personnel to do the job, it makes no sense.He encouraged students from five high schools present to participate as citizens who will be eligible to vote in a few years and take their place as adults in the society.“You have the opportunity to see what we do and make up your minds as to whether you want to be court administrators, lawyers, or serve in the courts. You are also citizens, and one of your roles is to assist in making Jamaica a peaceful and law-abiding country,” the Chief Justice said.Meanwhile, Justice Minister, Hon. Delroy Chuck, who brought greetings,   congratulated the Chief Justice and the Court Management Services for hosting the seminar.“The Ministry of Justice is committed to ensuring that the infrastructure and the facilities in the courts are of the highest standard,” the minister said.He pointed out that work is in progress at the Court of Appeal, and when it is completed next month, “it will definitely be five-star, and we are hoping that all the court facilities will be improved across the island. That is a commitment from us”.Among the entities offering services to attendees at the expo were Restorative Justice Unit, Justice Training Institute, National Taskforce Against Trafficking in Persons, Child Protection and Family Services Agency, Victim Services Division, Office of the Public Defender, Ministry of Justice, Dispute Resolution Foundation, National Integrity Action, Mobile Justice Unit, The Legal Aid Council and the Administrator General’s Department.last_img read more

PETA Announces FirstEver TV Awards

first_imgJust ahead of the Emmys on September 17, PETA’s Animals in Film and Television Division is announcing its first-ever Elly Awards, honoring some of television’s most compassionate stars and shows for promoting animal-friendly storylines and for entertaining viewers without exploiting wild animals.Winners include Lily Tomlin, who scored the award for Best Lead in a Comedy Series for her portrayal of vegetarian Frankie in Netflix’s Grace and Frankie and whose real-life work in behalf of animals includes using her sense of humor to protest against SeaWorld and her sense of justice to object to Texas A&M University’s cruel muscular dystrophy experiments on dogs. Best Lead in a Drama Series is a tie between Chrissy Metz of This Is Us — for her character Kate’s promotion of homeless-animal adoption — and actor and real-life vegetarian Gaten Matarazzo, whose character in the sci-fi hit Stranger Things shows compassion in caring for “Dart” the demogorgon. The Sinner’s Bill Pullman nabbed the title of Best Lead in a Limited Series for his character Harry’s gentle rescue of a distressed bird.The Handmaid’s Tale took home the Best Accidentally Vegan Message award for its chilling parallels to the suffering of cows on dairy farms who are forcibly impregnated and whose beloved calves are taken away from them soon after birth. A Series of Unfortunate Events and The Walking Dead tied for Best CGI — both shows used digital imagery to create big cats rather than forcing real wild animals to perform. The Orville snagged the title of Best “Captivity Sucks” Moment for its message against imprisoning animals for entertainment, while vegan Atlanta actor Zazie Beetz nabbed the Who We Can’t Get Enough Of award. Riverdale — whose sympathetic cast includes Madelaine Petsch, who starred in a gorgeous vegan campaign; Charles Melton, who just shot a top-secret campaign for PETA; and KJ Apa, Lili Reinhart, and Mark Consuelos, who frequently post pro-animal messages on social media — won the award for Most Animal-Friendly Ensemble.“From CGI wizardry that kept real wild animals off television sets to storylines that send positive messages about animals to caring actors who help them in their real lives, these winners show that kindness is trending in Hollywood,” says PETA Senior Vice President Lisa Lange. “PETA’s inaugural Elly Awards recognize the people and projects that have helped audiences see animals as individuals who deserve our respect.”PETA — whose motto reads, in part, that “animals are not ours to use for entertainment” — also awarded Ellys to Ricky Gervais, who won Best Comedy Special for using his platform to speak out against cruelty to animals, and Saturday Night Live, whose “Diner Lobster” skit (starring Pete Davidson, John Mulaney, and Chris Redd) nabbed Best Variety Sketch for highlighting the excruciating pain that crustaceans feel when boiled alive. PETA’s Pick was deadlocked between vegan funnyman Craig Robinson, who starred in Ghosted, and Edie Falco of Law & Order True Crime: The Menendez Murders, who’s spoken out against SeaWorld and animal circuses in multiple campaigns for the group.The full list of winners — who will each receive an intricate gold statue of a wild elephant — is available here.last_img read more

Child labour: Proper coordination sought among stakeholders

first_imgNew Delhi: In a meeting of the Steering Committee on child labour, proper coordination among the stakeholders was sought for curbing the menace. Sources told Millennium Post that a meeting held in March was chaired by Divisional Commissioner where members from different government departments, Delhi Police, State Bhawans, NGOs were present.In the start of the meeting, the chair expressed his displeasure on account of non-attendance by some members/departments and the level of participation from some departments. The Divisional Commissioner said that officers of appropriate seniority who are well conversant with the subject of the concerned departments should attend the meeting. Also Read – After eight years, businessman arrested for kidnap & murderSources further added that the chairperson reiterated that in order to have proper and effective coordination for the purpose of surveillance child labour rescue operations, there should be proper coordination between District Labour Department and District Magistrate of Revenue Department. “After discussion, it was agreed that any information pertaining to child labour may be reported by district labour inspector to concerned SDM on a weekly basis,” sources said. Also Read – Two brothers held for snatchingsSources said, “If no cases of child labour have been detected in a week, they should submit nil report in this regard, for which they shall be held accountable. Deputy Labour Commissioners will compile the reports and brief the District Magistrates on a fortnightly basis.” In the meeting, the representative from Delhi Police was asked to furnish the data in respect number of FIRs registered and the number of charge sheets filed. In the meeting, the representative from a government department informed in the meeting that the majority of rescued child labour are repatriated to the native states from where they are further sent to nearest children home to that state and thereafter are restored to their parents. It was agreed that such data should be shared by CWC with local DM of the concerned state in order to ensure proper rehabilitation amount reached to the family of child labour.last_img read more

Suso wants to finish fourth

first_imgAC Milan is about to enter the most crucial part of the season as they are fighting for the fourth place in the Serie A and will play in the Coppa Italia final against Juventus.Suso admitted that he would prefer finishing fourth and coming back to the Champions League and not winning against Juventus in the domestic cup final match – but of course, he wants to achieve both.The Spaniard spoke about his goals for the remaining part of the season as he said, according to Football Italia:Maurizio Sarri, JuventusMaurizio Sarri satisfied despite Juventus’ draw at Fiorentina Andrew Smyth – September 14, 2019 Maurizio Sarri was satisfied with Juventus’ performance on Saturday afternoon after finishing a tough game at Fiorentina 0-0.“Getting to the Champions League is our ambition this season. We also have a Coppa Italia Final coming up against Juventus and that too is very important, because winning a trophy is very special.”“I think we are on the right track and have a good chance of making it into fourth place.”“I’d prefer for us to get fourth place. We need the perfect game against Juve, so we’ll give it our all and want to win.”last_img read more

Bahamas Tennis stars Fantastic Four get second

first_imgFacebook Twitter Google+LinkedInPinterestWhatsApp#Bahamas, November 14, 2017 – Nassau – Our fantastic four will have settle for second place despite their brilliant play in Mexico City at the North American IC Junior Challenge.   The four: Donte Armbrister, Jacobi Bain, Sydney Clarke and Elana Mackey were competing in tennis for the chance to represent the entire hemisphere in a global contest next year in Tokyo.The US team managed to best our junior tennis stars, in the three day tournament.#MagneticMediaNews#Bahamasfantasticfourgetsecondplace Related Items:#Bahamasfantasticfourgetsecondplace, #magneticmedianews Facebook Twitter Google+LinkedInPinterestWhatsApplast_img