Rugby legends’ tribute to Jack Kyle

first_img Ireland and Lions stars Willie John McBride and Mike Gibson hailed Kyle’s qualities as a player and a man after attending the emotional event in Belfast. Kyle, who died last week aged 88, was once voted the best rugby player the island ever produced, winning 46 caps for his country and six for the British and Irish Lions, inspiring Ireland to a Five Nations Grand Slam in 1948. The service at Fisherwick Presbyterian Church in Belfast also heard of Kyle’s life and achievements off the pitch – about a man who, after hanging up his rugby boots, eschewed the prospects of a glittering medical career in the UK to work as a surgeon in Zambia for over 30 years. Afterwards, iconic captain of the 1974 Lions McBride said he was proud to have called Kyle a friend. “He was one of the great men,” he said. “How do you define ‘gentleman’. Well, for me it is two words and those are ‘Jack Kyle’. “He was just one of the great men of this world and I am just proud I had him as a friend.” Gibson said people would be hard pressed to find someone who disagreed with the assessment that the jinking fly-half was the finest player to ever wear the green shirt. “Unfortunately I didn’t see him when he was at his prime but I don’t think there would be many people arguing with that assessment,” he said. “I was with Jack at a dinner when he was named as the best player ever produced by Ireland and he felt embarrassed by it, he felt humbled by it – but that was the nature of the man.” A private family funeral for Kyle was held this morning, with the wider public given an opportunity to pay their respects at the thanksgiving event this afternoon at Fisherwick church. Present day stars of Ulster in Rory Best, Tommy Bowe, Andrew Trimble, Craig Gilroy and Iain Henderson were among those who attended, as did former Ireland and Lions great Syd Millar. Stormont’s Deputy First Minister Martin McGuiness and 1972 Olympic gold medallist Dame Mary Peters were also at the service. At the outset, Kyle’s grandchildren Erin, Jack and Calum carried cherished items to the front of the church that symbolised Kyle’s career and life – an Irish jersey and cap; a doctor’s stethoscope; and a picture of one of his favourite poets, William Butler Yeats. Kyle’s close friend, Reverend Colin Morris, who ministered in the Zambian town where the surgeon lived for three decades, spoke of his principled stand on racial issues. He revealed that he refused to associate himself with all-white sports clubs in the post-colonial country despite numerous requests for the endorsement of the famous rugby player. “He said he had no intention of having any association with any sports organisation that practised segregation,” he told the congregation. Rev Morris, who also paid tribute to Kyle’s late wife Shirley, added: “They said he had genius and I am quite prepared to believe it but he had something rarer than that, he had goodness.” Earlier Rev David Lapsley described him as a “great and good man” who had “dedicated his life to healing the wounds of Africa.” After Kyle’s daughter Justine read from scripture, his son Caleb thanked all those who had sent messages of condolences in the days since his father’s death. “Over the last few days we feel we have been cradled in the arms of the people of Ireland and beyond,” he said. “From that we have drawn immeasurable strength.” Irish rugby legends have paid tribute to the one considered the greatest of them all as they joined friends and family of the late Jack Kyle at a special thanksgiving service. Press Associationlast_img read more

Nature Does It Right

first_imgScientists and engineers continue to find well-designed features in living things that are worth imitating.Get a tail:  Extinct velociraptors, the terrors of the Jurassic Park movies, are inspiring robot designers.  Live Science and PhysOrg told about how Tailbot, developed at UC Berkeley and modeled after “leaping lizards,” can right itself after stumbling and can jump without tumbling.  “Engineers quickly understood the value of a tail,” said Thomas Libby, a grad student involved in the development of Tailbot.  “Robots are not nearly as agile as animals, so anything that can make a robot more stable is an advancement, which is why this work is so exciting.”  The PhysOrg article includes two entertaining video clips showing the robot clumsily attempting to duplicate the leaps a lizard does naturally (Tailbot’s attempt might be described as “falling with style”).  Prof. Robert J. Full remarked, “Inspiration from lizard tails will likely lead to far more agile search-and-rescue robots, as well as ones having greater capability to more rapidly detect chemical, biological or nuclear hazards.”Good design in bad water:  A briny pond at the lowest spot in the western hemisphere has a simple but descriptive name: Badwater.  Yet in this pond in Death Valley lives a microbe worth noting.  Science Daily says the “Death Valley Microbe May Spark Novel Biotech and Nanotech Uses.”  Why is that?  Dennis Bazylinski (U of Nevada) is impressed at the ability of the microbe to orient itself to magnetic fields.  The magnetic bacterium BW-1 has genes that produce nano-sized crystals of the minerals magnetite (a form of iron oxide) and greigite (a form of iron sulfide); BW-1 is the first microbe isolated capable of synthesizing greigite.  Bazylinski sees treasure in these microbes: their magnetosomes make them “useful in drug delivery and medical imaging.”  The article states that “Magnetotactic bacteria are simple, single-celled organisms that are found in almost all bodies of water.”  They can’t be that simple, though, to do what they do: “As their name suggests, they orient and navigate along magnetic fields like miniature swimming compass needles.”Insect cuticle for the environment:  “Researchers at the Wyss Institute for Biologically Inspired Engineering at Harvard University have developed a new material that replicates the exceptional strength, toughness, and versatility of one of nature’s more extraordinary substances—insect cuticle,” reported PhysOrg.  They call it “Shrilk.”  Look for it in these products of the future: disposable diapers that degrade quickly, an environmentally safe alternative to plastic, biodegradable trash bags and packaging, sutures for wounds, and a scaffold for tissue regeneration.  Look at the praise they give to this material insects make on the fly:Natural insect cuticle, such as that found in the rigid exoskeleton of a housefly or grasshopper, is uniquely suited to the challenge of providing protection without adding weight or bulk. As such, it can deflect external chemical and physical strains without damaging the insect’s internal components, while providing structure for the insect’s muscles and wings. It is so light that it doesn’t inhibit flight and so thin that it allows flexibility. Also remarkable is its ability to vary its properties, from rigid along the insect’s body segments and wings to elastic along its limb joints.The Wyss Institute is on a mission to “create bioinspired materials and products.”  They’re understandably proud of their Shrilk, thanks to their flying friends.A bird, a plane:  In the tradition of the Wright Brothers, another aeronautical engineer has taken inspiration from birds.  PhysOrg calls “Queensland University of Technology PhD student Wesam Al Sabban” a genius for his “unmanned aerial vehicle that uses wind power like a bird.”  Does that imply that birds are even more intelligent for coming up with the design first?  To develop his Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) called the Green Falcon II, Al Sabban had to learn from the masters. “As part of my PhD topic we are studying the way birds make use of wind energy to fly with minimum power, the way they glide and use all types of wind to move and change their flight path.”  He boasts, “The Green Falcon II will be a zero-emissions UAV capable of round-the-clock service.” Birds are kind of like that.  Unreported is whether the robot will leave spots on your car.Outdoing plants?  PhysOrg reported, “Researchers figure out how to outperform nature’s photosynthesis.”  The body of the article, though, reveals that they didn’t invent a light-gathering engine from scratch.  Rather, “They frankensteined together proteins from Synechococcus sp. with those from Clostridium acetobutylicum using molecular wire to create a ‘hybrid biological/organic nanoconstruct’ that was more efficient than either on their own.”  So, even though “These researchers have created a tiny solar-powered device that works twice as fast as nature to produce hydrogen biofuel,” it would be more impressive if they got their own dirt.Slimy computers:  Some Japanese researchers became fascinated with slime molds.  “A brainless, primeval organism able to navigate a maze might help Japanese scientists devise the ideal transport network design,” PhysOrg wrote.  “Not bad for a mono-cellular being that lives on rotting leaves.”  Somehow the cells of amoeboid yellow slime mold can find the most direct route through a maze to get to their food:  “the cells appear to have a kind of information-processing ability that allows them to ‘optimise’ the route along which the mold grows to reach food while avoiding stresses – like light – that may damage them.”  This means that we have something in common with slime.  “Humans are not the only living things with information-processing abilities,” said Toshiyuki Nakagaki.  Sloughing off his Ig Nobel Prizes for loving slime, he sees a bright future: “it could provide the key to designing bio-computers capable of solving complex problems.”Butterfly materials:  The blue mountain swallowtail butterfly is not just pretty; it’s downright inspiring.  “Butterflies have inspired humans since the time of ancient Egypt, but now they’re also inspiring researchers to look toward nature to help create the next generation of waterproof materials for electronics and sensors,” reported PhysOrg.  That’s why researchers in America and South Korea are looking carefully at the wings of this butterfly.  “The wings shed water easily because of tiny structures that trap air and create a cushion between water and wing which allows water to roll easily off the surface.”  Wouldn’t it be nice to have a cell phone that repels water, instead of shorting out when doused?  One team member said, “Mimicking biological surfaces in nature is an important part in a variety of practical applications.”Spider silkworm:  The desire to imitate spider silk was one of the first biomimetics stories reported in these pages.  In the years since, scientists have had only partial success at duplicating the strands, or at genetically engineering goats with the silk genes to produce it in their milk.  Now, researchers from Wyoming, Indiana and China have succeeded in transplanting the genes for spider dragline silk into silkworms.  Since ancient times, humans have farmed silkworms, so we know about their care and feeding; wrangling spiders is much more difficult.  Reporting in PNAS (Jan 3, 2012, 73/pnas.1109420109), they announced,The development of a spider silk-manufacturing process is of great interest. However, there are serious problems with natural manufacturing through spider farming, and standard recombinant protein production platforms have provided limited progress due to their inability to assemble spider silk proteins into fibers. Thus, we used piggyBac vectors to create transgenic silkworms encoding chimeric silkworm/spider silk proteins. The silk fibers produced by these animals were composite materials that included chimeric silkworm/spider silk proteins integrated in an extremely stable manner. Furthermore, these composite fibers were, on average, tougher than the parental silkworm silk fibers and as tough as native dragline spider silk fibers. These results demonstrate that silkworms can be engineered to manufacture composite silk fibers containing stably integrated spider silk protein sequences, which significantly improve the overall mechanical properties of the parental silkworm silk fibers.Of this achievement, the BBC News announced, “Spider-Man web closer to reality.”  Live Science’s article has a humorous photo of a future T-shirt labeled, “95% silkworm / 5% spider.”  Impressive as this work is, it’s not the same as coming up with the silk from scratch.  The team still had to use the real animals and their genetic information.None of these articles mentioned evolution.  It’s all design, inspiration, and motivation.  Bio-inspired researchers want to produce better products, safer for the environment, safer for humans, helping humanity without damaging the planet.  Home school parents should use stories like these to fascinate their precocious youngsters with the wonders all around them, right in their back yards.  It can lead to a new crop of highly-motivated scientists, 100% Darwin-free (which means, safer for the environment, safer for humans, helping humanity without damaging the planet).(Visited 21 times, 1 visits today)FacebookTwitterPinterestSave分享0last_img read more

If What You Were Doing Was Working

first_img Get the Free eBook! Want to master cold calling? Download my free eBook! Many would have you believe that cold calling is dead, but the successful have no fear of the phone; they use it to outproduce their competitors. Download Now If what you were doing was working, you’d already be getting the results that you want (or need). If what you were doing was working, you wouldn’t have to change anything. The problem most folks have is they want better results without having to make any changes—especially changes that would take them out of their comfort zone.If Your Beliefs Aren’t WorkingIf your results aren’t what you want them to be, it’s likely that your beliefs aren’t working for you. You might believe that selling should be easier, that forces are allied against you, or that you are a victim. You might believe that you company should provide you with leads, that someone else should pay for your personal and professional development, or that you are somehow entitled.You might believe you shouldn’t have to change. And if what you believed was serving you, you’d be right. But better results requires that shed your old beliefs and try on some new ones—beliefs that better serve you.If Your Actions Aren’t WorkingThis is also true of the actions you’re taking. Or not taking, as the case may be. If the actions you are taking were working, you wouldn’t have to change anything. But if they’re not, then you have to change what you’re doing. If you are prospecting using only the singe method with which you are comfortable and not building a pipeline, you need to take new actions. If the way you are selling isn’t producing new clients, then you need to change the way you are selling.You might not want to take new actions, and if you already had the results you need, you wouldn’t have to. Producing those better results require you change the actions that you’re taking—even if it means that you have to take actions that you aren’t comfortable with, don’t really want to take, or aren’t interested in learning.Your beliefs drive your actions. Your actions drive your results. If what you believe now was working, if the actions you are taking were working, you wouldn’t have to change either. But if they’re not working, then you need to change them.last_img read more

Launch pad

first_imgVision of luxuryInternational Furniture Brands has introduced the Visionnaire collection by Ipe Cavalli. On offer are high-end furniture and lighting collections crafted from marble, wood, smoked glass and stainless steel. Drop by the store that throngs with sofas, high-back chairs, lounging benches, beds and more. Mirrors available at the outlet come with both upholstered as well as marble frames while the Italian furniture line is constructed on frames of brass, chrome and aluminium.At: The Gallery, 13 MG Road, New Delhi. Tel: 011-26802319.Fabric flavoursPearlmante and Floramante are the latest fabric collections from the stable of Maishaa. While Pearlmante boasts of bedspreads and pillows sporting delicatelyembroidered patterns, Floramante is inspired by nature and floral textures. The collection is antibacterial, anti-fungal as well as wrinkle-free. At: 2 Kohinoor, 29 Hughes Road, Mumbai. Tel: 022-32972125.A clear picturePhilips recently launched its flagship model Philips Cinema 21:9 Full HD 3D LED Pro TV with Ambilight. The model stands out for its ability to avoid loss due to unutilised screen space. Also, it comes equipped with Perfect Pixel HD engine along with LED Pro and matches with the 21:9 movie format. Your movie-watching experience too is enhanced by the Ambilight feature surrounding the screen.A hot towelBathLine Sensations has come up with heated towel rails that claim to keep your towels toasty forever. The rails are non-corrosive and crafted out of solid forged brass. Also, they come with thermostats, making them highly safe for domestic use. At: A-232, Okhla Main Road, Phase-I, New Delhi. Tel: 011-41616447.advertisementKitchen craftEnchante Kitchens comes to India armed with a German design sensibility. The brand has installation teams that will interact with customers to understand their cooking requirements like unique storage options and water usage. At: Chandni International Pvt Ltd, 1, Arun Chambers, Tardeo Road, Tardeo, Mumbai. Tel: 022-23532008.last_img read more

Is Adrien Broner struggling with weight?

first_imgManny Pacquiao, left, listens as Adrien Broner speaks during a news conference Wednesday, Jan. 16, 2019, in Las Vegas. The two are scheduled to fight in a welterweight championship bout on Saturday. (AP Photo/John Locher)LAS VEGAS—Adrien Broner’s camp has been mum about their ward’s weight issues, something that cropped up early on when Broner made a public appearance looking grossly overweight.And there’s a general consensus that Broner’s weight woes are the reason why he has been cranky, throwing tantrums all week long.ADVERTISEMENT His camp has refused to say how close the 29-year-old Broner is to meeting the 147 lbs weight limit for the WBA welterweight clash on Saturday at MGM Grand.But talk has continued to resurface with the weigh-in for the fight nearing. Both fighters tip the scales Friday afternoon at the hotel’s Garden Arena.FEATURED STORIESSPORTSPrivate companies step in to help SEA Games hostingSPORTSUrgent reply from Philippine ‍football chiefSPORTSWin or don’t eat: the Philippines’ poverty-driven, world-beating pool starsBroner has missed weight a couple of times before.In 2012 he was a full three pounds over the 130-lb limit when he faced Vicente Escovedo. Four years later, Broner had to pay Ashley Theopane $50,000 after he weighed in 140.4 lbs, four-tenths of a pound over the limit of the lightweight title clash. Don’t miss out on the latest news and information. “Hey I only failed to make the weight twice, but I did it on purpose,” said Broner, who on both occasions moved up one division heavier.Pacquiao isn’t expected to have troubles on the scales.Since he started fighting at welterweight 10 years ago, Pacquiao, whose natural weight is 140 lbs, has had little problem making weight. He is known, in fact, to load up on meals during training camp.Pacquiao said he would like to climb the ring against Broner weighing at least 145 lbs because “I would need the necessary weight on fight night.”ADVERTISEMENT Private companies step in to help SEA Games hosting Sports Related Videospowered by AdSparcRead Next LOOK: Joyce Pring goes public with engagement to Juancho Triviño Amir Khan claims Manny Pacquiao has agreed to Saudi Arabia bout PLAY LIST 01:05Amir Khan claims Manny Pacquiao has agreed to Saudi Arabia bout00:36Manny Pacquiao part of 2019 SEA Games opening ceremony01:49Pacquiao, 3 presumptive senators want status quo in Senate02:42PH underwater hockey team aims to make waves in SEA Games01:44Philippines marks anniversary of massacre with calls for justice01:19Fire erupts in Barangay Tatalon in Quezon City01:07Trump talks impeachment while meeting NCAA athletes02:49World-class track facilities installed at NCC for SEA Games02:11Trump awards medals to Jon Voight, Alison Krauss Is Luis Manzano planning to propose to Jessy Mendiola? SEA Games hosting troubles anger Dutertecenter_img Hornets lean on defense, bench to squeeze past Kings MOST READ LOOK: Joyce Pring goes public with engagement to Juancho Triviño SEA Games: Biñan football stadium stands out in preparedness, completion TS Kammuri to enter PAR possibly a day after SEA Games opening LATEST STORIES SEA Games: Biñan football stadium stands out in preparedness, completion View commentslast_img read more

Spring Valley among 46 Sears and Kmart stores closing by November

first_img August 26, 2018 SAN DIEGO (KUSI) – The Kmart store in Spring Valley is among 46 unprofitable outlets slated to start closeout sales this week, according to an announcement from the Sears Holding Corp.Five stores in California are among the 12 Kmart and 33 Sears stores slated to close by November. This includes the Kmart store at 935 Sweetwater Road in Spring Valley.The other California closures are Kmart stores in Los Angeles, Antioch, and Clovis and a Sears in Santa Cruz. Sears Holding Corp. owns both the Sears and Kmart chains.The 125-year-old retailer has closed hundreds of stores in recent years to improve its bottom line.“We continue to evaluate our network of stores, which is a critical component to our integrated retail transformation, and will make further adjustments as needed,” the company said in a statement.This latest announcement comes just days after Lowe’s announced it is closing all of is Orchard Supply Hardware stores five years after purchasing the chain out of bankruptcy from its previous owner, Sears Holdings Corp.The latest Sears and Kmart liquidation sales are expected to begin Thursday, Aug. 30. Updated: 8:30 AM Posted: August 26, 2018 Spring Valley among 46 Sears and Kmart stores closing by Novembercenter_img Categories: California News, Local San Diego News FacebookTwitter KUSI Newsroom KUSI Newsroom, last_img read more