ElfQuest 40 Years of Pointy Ears Tour with Wendy Richard Pini

first_imgPhoto Courtesy of Elfquest.comHow has the 40 Years of Pointy Ears tour been going for you guys so far?Wendy: Well it has been very, very intense. It’s been hectic to say the least. We are in Chicago now though and ready to say hello to all our fans out here. We have one or two stops every month until the end of the year. And in the middle of all that, we are taking meetings and still working on projects. I was able to read a bit of the ElfQuest back issues for free at Elfquest.com to jog a few things and prepare me for The Final Quest. But honestly, nothing could prepare me for that ending. Wendy: Oh good, I’m glad you did that. It takes a little homework to understand the depth of the series. And really has been something special.  Richard: But make sure to not skip on that middle part. There is definitely a huge chunk you don’t want to miss!Since it is available for free, I will definitely be back!How does it feel wrapping up the longest running fantasy comic after all these years?Wendy: Well that is not an easy question to answer at all. There are so many feelings when leaving a life long tale like ElfQuest. Final Quest is the best feeling I get out of completing this major story arch. It relates to everything else in the story, but it is the full hero’s journey, and we are so happy to share it. Photo Courtesy of Elfquest.comWhat does life after ElfQuest look like for you Wendy? Are you working on anything else?Wendy: Well I dabble in the horror genre quite a bit. I worked on a more mature graphic novel based off of Edgar Allan Poe’s famous tale Masque of the Red Death. And the wonderful thing about it is as I was working on it I envisioned it as a Broadway performance, and it ended up being adapted that way. You can read that right now for free at Masquemusical.com. It’s the entire collection of the animated webcomic I slowly trickled out. But keep in mind this is far more adult than ElfQuest. You gotta watch out for me, I never think small.Is there any new development in the rumored ElfQuest television series/film?Wendy: The quickest answer to that is yes, it is still very much on the table. The only problem that we have with Hollywood is that they don’t quite understand it just yet. They want there to be this good vs evil story line sewn in and that just is not what ElfQuest is about. There is a lot more to these characters and their culture than that. Richard and I still feel that television would suite the series a lot better. Being able to wrap up these story lines in an hour and a half just would not cut it. But yes things are currently in the works at this moment with a studio.Is there anything you’d like to say to your fans before moving on to the next leg of the tour?Richard: Just very simply, thank you all for a wonderful 40 years and believing in this long and wondrous journey. More is indeed coming!Wendy: Ditto, my sentiments exactly! We really appreciate this and hope to have something more for you soon.If you’d like to dive in the backlog of ElfQuest, you can do so now at ElfQuest.com where every issue of the comic lies ready for you to explore from 2014 back! You can also pick up the new Dark Horse Comic titles including The Final Quest here. It was an absolute delight sitting down and chatting with Wendy and Richard and cannot wait to see what else they have in store for us in the future! Let us know what you like about Geek by taking our survey. Photo Courtesy of Elfquest.comDid a lot of real-life occurrences and events over the decades ever get translated in some way into ElfQuest?Wendy: That is a very smart question to ask. There are so many fantasy metaphors that we play with. It happens very often. Things that happen in the world today always show up one way or another in our story. But we never want to put it out there in a way that seems to relevant. We really trust in the intelligence of our readers to be able to pinpoint out things like that.Richard: ElfQuest has always had that autobiographical element all along. When Wendy and I sit down and hash out a story, what possibly happened to us in the previous days often informs how a particular scene may play out. How has your relationship with Darkhorse Comics been with both the backlog of the series, along with the newly released Final Quest? Richard: Oh we have loved working with them! You know we worked with Marvel and DC, not to put them down or anything but Darkhorse has been a dream to work with. As you know, they deal with more independent comics and that really fits for what we try to convey with ElfQuest.Wendy: They have been absolutely wonderful and supportive of letting us the creators keep total control of our series and let us see things through the very end the way we have seen fit all along. Our editor actually just passed onto us that they are selling the “ElfSnot” out of the back issue compendiums. Since 1978, Wendy and Richard Pini have embarked on an epic quest. One that has spanned 40 years in the making and is known as the longest-running fantasy comic in history. Not only have they kept creative control over their special property this whole time, but they have managed to release their comic through both Marvel & DC Comics and have now settled in at Dark Horse Comics. Some call it the first American manga, others simply know it as ElfQuest.On February 28th, 2018, the couple released their final issue of ElfQuest, exactly 40 years to the date. For decades Wendy has been dropping hints as to how she would end things and where Cutter and the Wolfriders story would end up. It has been a tale of tales for the ages, and the ElfQuest fandom is crying for more!I caught up with Richard and Wendy Pini before they headed off to C2E2 in Chicago. They have embarked on a massive tour that is spanning across the states and Europe, all to give thanks to you the fans. They are calling it Forty Years of Pointy Ears. Along with panels and meeting fans, the couple is also doing giveaways spreading hints as to what will come next and I wanted to find out just that!last_img read more