These two Liverpool players are on borrowed time and here’s why – fan opinion

first_img1 Martin Skrtel should be fearful for his future Liverpool fan Brian Reece voices his opinion on the state of the Reds following a topsy turvy week…Liverpool’s 3-2 defeat against Southampton accurately portrayed the Reds’ season in 90 conflicting minutes at St Mary’s.It showed the brilliant, intelligent, creative and focused unit they can be, but the second half display also showed the lack of defensive ability, naivety and the lack of squad quality in strength and depth.Liverpool have the uncanny ability to accomplish defeat when victory seems certain.The introduction of Martin Skrtel at the start of the second half was an error of judgement manager Jurgen Klopp will lose sleep over for the rest of the season because, when the substitution was made, he probably didn’t envisage the player becoming the opposition’s most influential player.But Skrtel was just the player Southampton were craving and after his calamitous display, you really do fear for the defender’s future.Another player who hasn’t covered himself in glory this season is Christian Benteke, who also should be fearful for his Liverpool future given his inefficient, fruitless, wasteful and uninspiring performances.Both Skrtel and Benteke are not alone when it comes to criticism. Liverpool fans are frustrated with the quality of the current squad and players such as Simon Mignolet, Alberto Moreno and Joe Allen have all been at the forefront of the fans’ exasperation.But it’s the lack of quality additions to enrich the squad since Luis Suarez’s sale which is of most irritation. Previous manager Brendan Rodgers never fully overhauled the Reds’ defence and Liverpool’s failure to rectify the back line, which is mediocre at best, has come back to haunt them.Basic defensive errors consistently cost Liverpool points, the inability to defend set plays and the continued devotion to zonal marking makes playing the team a relatively favourable proposition.In balance, Klopp has inherited the current squad and in the summer he must be given the authority to make his own widespread changes. Upon his arrival, the German promised to bring the league title to Anfield in his opening press conference, a statement which can only be described as bold at the very least.Liverpool need a competent, well organised and strong defence, with a midfield that promotes speed, movement, passing diversity and drive.If Klopp can achieve that in the summer transfer window, then Liverpool may just fulfil his statement.last_img read more

O’Meara forced to pull out of Pryce fight

first_imgSteve O’Meara has been forced to withdraw from Thursday’s fight with former Commonwealth champion Bradley Pryce because of illness.The bout was due to take place at Troxy in east London after O’Meara vacated the southern area light-middleweight title in order to take on the experienced Welshman.O’Meara, who was born in Shepherd’s Bush and lives in West Drayton, has been on a roll after first-round wins against his last two opponents.He blasted away fellow West Londoner Ryan Toms last year before a stunning knockout of Nathan Weise.Follow West London Sport on TwitterFind us on Facebooklast_img

Tottenham’s new stadium shows why Chelsea should wait for a new home

first_imgEmbed from Getty ImagesChelsea’s new stadium project has been anything but smooth sailing. However, with London rivals Tottenham recently unveiling their new home, the powers that be may want to renew their plans to improve Stamford Bridge. Of course, anything Spurs can do, Chelsea fans will want to see their club do better. However, to match the new White Hart Lane, Roman Abramovich and his team will have to come up with something special.As well as being the second largest stadium in the country, White Hart Lane is, in simple terms, a state-of-the-art masterpiece. At the bottom of the “tech spectrum” are the two 325m² TV screens. Although these aren’t the most impressive pieces of kit inside, they’re nonetheless imposing and produce crystal clear images. Moving up the scale, “bottoms up” technology means staff can now pour 10,000 pints of beer per minute! Yes, even by the hardiest of drinker’s standards, that’s impressive.Spurs leading the way with hi-tech stadiumHowever, while these innovations are great, it’s the connectivity of White Hart Lane that makes it worth the £850-million price tag. In an effort to provide a “connected experience”, developers installed free Wi-Fi in all areas of the stadium. As well as providing internet access, this allows White Hart Lane to be completely cashless. Taking inspiration from online entertainment platforms, the designers wanted real payments to take place without any physical cash changing hands. Although new in the football world, online gaming sites have been using this technology for the last five years.At Genesis Casino in the UK, online gamers can make payments to their account using Boku. Known as a pay-by-mobile option, this process charges deposits to a user’s phone bill. The benefit of this is that they don’t need cash or even their credit card to make payments. By inputting their phone number, they simply have to authorise a charge to their phone bill and the deposit is processed. Now, this ease of payment has been implemented at White Hart Lane, as Tottenham have installed 878 contactless payment points around the stadium. Removing the need for cash, these terminals allow fans to pay for food, drink and even their tickets by tapping their credit/debit card or via Apple Pay.Embed from Getty ImagesWithout the money, it’s not worth pushing for a new stadiumOf course, Chelsea’s stadium plans aren’t all about technology. In May 2018, the club said any developments were on hold because of the “unfavourable investment climate”. Today, things aren’t much better. The current two-window transfer restriction means manager Maurizio Sarri won’t be able to bolster his side in the way he’d like. With only a place in the top five this season as a realistic goal, money may be even harder to come by next season. That being the case, a new stadium may have to wait.Indeed, with Tottenham showing what’s possible in terms of capacity, quality and technology, it would be a huge mistake for Chelsea to cut corners. By rushing a project that’s been talked about since 2015 and not being able to match one of its biggest rivals, Chelsea would attract a host of unwanted criticism. Therefore, even though Stamford Bridge may be in need of a refurb, it seems as though some things are best left until they can be done the right way. Follow West London Sport on TwitterFind us on Facebookby Taboolaby TaboolaSponsored LinksSponsored LinksPromoted LinksPromoted LinksRecommended for youAspireAbove.comRemember Pauley Perrette? Try Not To Smile When You See Her NowAspireAbove.comUndoLifestly.com25 Celebs You Didn’t Realize Are Gay – No. 8 Will Surprise WomenLifestly.comUndoUsed Cars | Search AdsUsed Cars in Tuen Mun Might Be Cheaper Than You ThinkUsed Cars | Search AdsUndoTopCars15 Ugliest Cars Ever MadeTopCarsUndoezzin.com20 Breathtaking Places to See Before You Dieezzin.comUndoFood World Magazine15 Fruits that Burn Fat Like CrazyFood World MagazineUndoHappyTricks.comHer House Always Smells Amazing – Try her Unique Trick!HappyTricks.comUndoDrhealth35 Foods That Should Never Be Placed in the RefrigeratorDrhealthUndolast_img read more

Spectacular wheels up landing

first_imgWamena Airport was closed following the incident.“The airport will remain closed because the aircraft is still on the runway. It will be removed from the location only after an initial technical investigation is conducted by a National Transportation Safety Commission [KNKT] team to reveal the causes of the landing failures is finished,” Wamena Airport head Rasburhani told The Jakarta Post.Rasburhani said several flights had been cancelled due to the airport’s closure. “There are between 150-160 flights at Wamena Airport every day. The closure has caused many flight cancellations,” he said.The aircraft, which came in from Papua’s Sentani airport, was carrying 14 tonnes of fuel, rice and sugar belonging to Indonesian state energy firm Pertamina. The fuel load was safe, Pertamina marketing director Ahmad Bambang said on online news portal Trigana Air Service is based in Jakarta and started its operations in early 1991 but has a long history of safety issues. It is on the EU’s black list of airlines that are banned from operating to the bloc since July 2007.The Aviation Safety Network lists a total of 14 occurrences for Trigana Air Service in its safety database.In August 2015, a Trigana Air ATR-42 aircraft crashed in the mountainous region of Papua killing 54 people and a Trigana DHC-6-300 Twin Otter aircraft crashed in November 2006, killing all 12 on board.A Fokker F-27 Friendship 600, leased from Trigana Air Services, crashed into a muddy field after the aircraft developed engine trouble shortly after take-off in July 1997.The crew tried to make an emergency landing at Sulaiman Airbase, but the aircraft clipped roofs and a wall of a housing complex and the F-27 broke up and caught fire; 28 of the 50 crew and passengers on board lost their lives. A Boeing 737-300SF of the Indonesian airline Trigana Air Service made a belly landing at Wamena Airport in Jayawijaya, Papua on Tuesday Sept. 13. A video below shows how the aircraft skids on the runway with only its nose gear fully extended.The video however does not show the moment of touchdown because the view is blocked by another Boeing 737, so it is not clear whether the main landing gear legs did not extend – due to pilot error or technical failure— or if they were lowered but collapsed in the very hard landing. last_img read more

10 Things to Know About Starting a Production Company

first_imgStarting a production company isn’t easy. Here’s what you need to know to get started successfully.Let’s go ahead and repeat what we said up top, because it’s a hard truth: Starting a production company isn’t easy. It’s a lot of hard work. But if you dedicate yourself to it, then you can make it happen. I learned a thing or two after starting a production company of my own in 2013. So let me share some advice I was given when starting out. Hopefully these ten points will help you as much as they helped me.1. Have an Idea of What You Want to DoThis can be the hardest step in the entire process – but it doesn’t have to be. You should know going into all of this what you want to do, whether that be films, commercial, industrial, etc. If you don’t? Now is the time to figure it out. It’s also beneficial to write out your short term and long term goals. Identify your strengths and see how you can build your company around them. Just be sure to have all of this in place before you begin the process of developing your company. 2. Research What Others Have Done Well and Not so WellNow that you know what you want to do, you’ll need to do a lot of research. This is key. If you are doing commercial or industrial work, then you need to research your local area and gauge who else is doing this same type of work. Use a site like ProductionHUB to help aid in your research. Pay attention to the services and fees that other companies provide and charge. If you can find this information, then you can find ways to compete in the market.If you’re going into film, then you need to really research areas of the industry that fit your talents. You may be an incredibly skilled artist and could offer pre-visualization services. Maybe you’re great at promotions and could offer film marketing. Look at other successful production companies in your field and read how they got started. Use this information as a road map.3. Be Creative With Your NameCreating the name for your production company is key — this will eventually become your brand. So make it good and make it something relevance to you. For instance, Steven Spielberg’s production company is Amblin Entertainment, whose name came from Steven’s very first completed film Amblin. Or you could go another route and use part of your name like Ridley Scott did for his production company Scott Free. Just be creative and make sure your company stands out.Here’s a great article from Ian Mohr of GQ that gives you insight on How to Name Your Hollywood Production Company. There’s some great humor here — and a lot of truth.4. Research and Make Sure Everything is LegalOnce you have your name hammered out, you need to begin looking ahead. One thing you need to be aware of is that you’re eventually going to want to trademark the name. Now this doesn’t sound like a big deal, but it is. For example, years ago I applied for a trademark for my production company. However, another company had a name close to what I had created. They were also using the same classification code I was applying for. Because of this, I was not awarded the trademark and had to start all over.Be very creative with your name and then check that name against the USPTO trademark database. Scour the internet for already established companies. You’ll eventually want to contact an attorney who works with trademark law. They can do a comprehensive search and help you file for your trademark. Just be aware that a trademark filing will run you $2000 or more when all is said and done.5. Decide What Type of Company You’ll BeWe know what you want to do with your company. We know the name. But now what type of company are you going to be? Confused? It’s okay, I was too when the question was posed to me. You want to decide early on if you need to be a DBA, LLC, C-Corp, S-Corp, etc.This decision is going to affect the cost of filing to do business. It will also affect your tax filings as well. Check out this information from the Small Business Administration.Sole Proprietorship: “A sole proprietorship is the simplest and most common structure chosen to start a business. It is an unincorporated business owned and run by one individual with no distinction between the business and you, the owner.”LLC (Limited Liability Company): “A limited liability company is a hybrid type of legal structure that provides the limited liability features of a corporation and the tax efficiencies and operational flexibility of a partnership. The “owners” of an LLC are referred to as “members.” Depending on the state, the members can consist of a single individual (one owner), two or more individuals, corporations or other LLCs.”Cooperative: “A cooperative is a business or organization owned by and operated for the benefit of those using its services. Profits and earnings generated by the cooperative are distributed among the members, also known as user-owners.”C Corp (Corporation): “A corporation (sometimes referred to as a C corporation) is an independent legal entity owned by shareholders. This means that the corporation itself, not the shareholders that own it, is held legally liable for the actions and debts the business incurs.”S Corp (Corporation): “An S corporation (sometimes referred to as an S Corp) is a special type of corporation created through an IRS tax election. An eligible domestic corporation can avoid double taxation (once to the corporation and again to the shareholders) by electing to be treated as an S corporation.”Partnership: “A partnership is a single business where two or more people share ownership. Each partner contributes to all aspects of the business, including money, property, labor or skill. In return, each partner shares in the profits and losses of the business.”6. Find a Certified Public AccountantNow that you have your name and your structure, you’ll need to find someone to help you navigate the world of accounting for your business. This is not something you want to do yourself. Hire a Certified Public Accountant. A good CPA will not only help you figure out what will be required of you when tax season comes around, but they can help you set a realistic strategy for your business as well.With all of this said, don’t just pick the first CPA that you find. Go in and sit with them and talk with them. Find out if they are the right fit for you. Research them online and look for reviews from others who have used their services. You’re going to be working very closely with your CPA, so find the one that is right for you and your company.Try using the CPA Directory to get started, or just Google CPAs in your area.7. Create Your Business PlanEvery business needs a plan. A production company is no different. This is the time when you want to take the short and long term goals you set for yourself and turn them into a business plan. Get really detailed and try to map out your path for the next three to five years. Give the description of your production company, what area of the industry it will focus on, and who will be running it.Also, include all of the research and market analysis you did in the beginning that helped you determine what type of production company you’ll be. A business plan is a must have for any business and it’s a great way to gauge your progress and keep that progress on track.8. Consult an AttorneyOnce you get rolling and want to take it to the next level, you’re going to need representation. While this shouldn’t be one of the last things you do, it usually is the costliest, so it tends to get put off for as long as possible. Don’t wait too long to consult with and find an attorney to represent you — at some point you are going to need them. Better to have them in place early than too late.Just like the CPA and Trademark Lawyer, take your time meeting and researching attorneys. You want someone who is going to work hard for you. One way to find a good corporate or company attorney is to talk to people you know in the industry. Gauge their recommendations and then go from there.Check out this really good article from on How to Hire an Attorney.9. Secure Start-up CapitalNext to creating the name of your company, the hardest thing to do is to secure start-up capital for your company. If you’re working in commercial and industrial, you’ll need a certain level of equipment — which means you’ll need money. I’ve never been a fan of taking out loans, but I’ve seen some people do this and capitalize on it to start a really successful business.For film production companies, there are all sorts of venture capitalists out there looking for ways to expand their portfolio. One of the good things about being in film is that pre-production is usually going to be the cheapest part of the process. With that said, you might be able to float this part of the project and get something together that can impress potential investors. Just be sure to have a well-developed presentation before you go into these meetings. If you can show that you have the skill and development to pull this off, then you should be able to secure some sort of funding for your film.10. Get Out There and Spread Your NameThe biggest part about our business and this industry is networking. You really can’t ever talk too much about your project and your production company. But in order to maximize your visibility, make sure you have a presence online. Start with a website for your company, then start looking at social media like Facebook and Twitter. Then jump to the next level of social media that exists specifically for film professionals like Creative District and Stage 32.Want to read more about the business side of the industry? Then check out these articles from PremiumBeat:How to Pick the Right Structure for a Video Production CompanyThe Best Camera Options for Production Company Startups5 Trends That Filmmakers and Video Pros Should Be FollowingAre you about to start your own production company? Was this information helpful at all? Let us know in the comments below!last_img read more

Foley: The Art of Making Sound Effects

first_imgTricks of the TradeImage: Monty Python and the Holy Grail via Michael White ProductionsIf you’re interested in recording your own sounds, check out Recording Foley and Sound Effects: The Fundamentals. Here are a few common tricks you can practice recording on your own.Breaking bones: break a stalk of celery or head of lettuceBody punches: hit a phone bookFlapping bird wings: wave a pair of leather glovesCrunching snow: crush a leather pouch filled with corn starchWhoosh: wave around a thin stick or arrowHorse hooves: clap together two coconut shells cut in half  — as seen above in Monty Python and the Holy Grail Modern Foley ArtistsToday, foley artists create entire atmospheres. They record the sounds of characters, props, and even clothing. Gary Hecker is a veteran foley artist who works on many of today’s blockbuster films. He started his professional career in the 1970s and 80s, working on films like The Exorcist, Friday the 13th, The Empire Strikes Back, and Back to the Future.Hecker now has well over 300 credits to his name. In this video from the SoundWorks Collection, Hecker shows you how he used classic foley techniques to create sound effects for the film Robin Hood, starting with the process of recording the footsteps of the main characters. From snapping celery stalks to slapping phone books, learn how foley artists use everyday objects to create realistic sound effects in film.Top image via SoundWorks CollectionFoley is the art of creating sound effects for radio, film, and television. The term actually comes from a man, Jack Donovan Foley, who made sound effects for live radio broadcasts. He focused on creating realistic sounds with the tools he had around him rather than using generic sounds made in other programs. This was reminiscent of the theatrical sounds of vaudeville shows.Image: Jack Foley via The Art of FoleyJack Foley started working for Universal Studios in 1914. By the time “talkies” came around in the 1920s, studios wanted to create authentic sound effects for their films. On set, microphones were only used to record dialogue. Therefore sound effects would have to be recorded after the film was shot.Foley assembled a team that would project the film onto a screen while recording an audio track of sound effects — mostly footsteps. The earliest films had them adding the sounds of walking and doors opening and closing.Foley became the expert in sound effects audio recording. He continued to perform up until his death in 1967. Many of the techniques he developed are still used today.Three Types of FoleyFoley artists do not create every sound in a film. Complex sounds like car engines or computer noises fall under the direction of a Sound FX Editor, who uses a library of sounds. The foley artists focus on three key areas: footsteps, movement, and specific props.Image: Universal Studios Foley Pit via The Studio Tour1. FootstepsThis category is self-explanatory. The footsteps of the main character are recorded very early in the process. This isn’t as easy as walking by a microphone. Foley artists wear certain shoes and walk on specific surfaces to attain the right sounds for a film.These surfaces are called foley pits, which offer all sorts of different flooring types. This allows the foley artist to instantly record the sounds of a character walking across a lawn, onto a sidewalk, and into a home.  This also includes footsteps of animals, like the famous sound of galloping horse hooves.2. MovementMovement focuses on the sounds of clothing a character is wearing. This isn’t just loud clothes like a knight’s armor — even denim blue jeans make a sound when a character crosses their legs or squirms in a chair.Image via Shutterstock3. PropsCreating the sounds made by props can fall under the foley artist or sound editor. Foley artists tend to work with props that characters interact with, like a sword being unsheathed.In this video from CBS Sunday Morning, foley artist Marko Costanzo shows how he used leaves to create the swirling sound of the witch from Into the Woods and how he cracked celery to create the sound of breaking bones for The Big Lebowski. center_img Also, don’t forget you can complement your foley work with the Essential SFX packages found right here on PremiumBeat!last_img read more

24 days agoChelsea reconsidering Ike Ugbo’s loan with Roda JC

first_imgTagsTransfersLoan MarketAbout the authorPaul VegasShare the loveHave your say Chelsea reconsidering Ike Ugbo’s loan with Roda JCby Paul Vegas24 days agoSend to a friendShare the loveChelsea are reconsidering Ike Ugbo’s loan at Roda JC.Sky Sports says Chelsea have launched an investigation after learning Ugbo has not been paid while on loan at Dutch side Roda JC.Ugbo has made a strong impression in the Netherlands, scoring four goals in seven games, but the club has significant debts and currently sit 17th in the Dutch second division.It is understood the 21-year-old is on a much higher salary than his current team-mates in Holland, and he has not been paid his September wages.Some reports have suggested the money set aside to pay Ugbo was instead used to pay the rest of the squad. last_img read more

Jennifer Garner Launches West Virginia Strong Tshirt To Help FloodAffected Kids

first_imgFollowing devastating flooding in West Virginia, Save the Children has announced that it is partnering with actor Jennifer Garner, a Save the Children Trustee and a native of West Virginia, on a T-shirt campaign with Omaze, a charitable giving platform.Jennifer Garner With West Virginia Strong T-shirtCredit/Copyright: OmazeThirty percent of the retail price from each exclusive “West Virginia Strong” T-shirt will aid flood-affected children and families who Save the Children serves, and those in their community areas. Save the Children has been working in West Virginia for years and with the help of funds raised from this T-shirt campaign, is committed to continuing to make an impact for kids in this critical time.Children and families in West Virginia have lost homes, vehicles, and in many areas, children’s education has been disrupted, as the floods have damaged resources and closed schools. In response to the deadly storms, Garner was inspired to help her home state and those whose lives have been turned upside down. “No matter where you’re from, you can stand West Virginia strong with me,” said Garner. “West Virginia’s children are near and dear to my heart. Let’s join forces to support these children and families and show compassion and love in this time of need. Together, we can make a difference.”Created to raise funds and awareness for Save the Children’s recovery efforts in West Virginia, shirts will be on sale at for $25 beginning today through July 26. The T-shirt aptly features mountains, as West Virginia’s official state nickname is “The Mountain State.”Jennifer Garner, Save the Children and Omaze invite supporters and influencers to get involved, take a photo in the shirt and spread the campaign on social media using #WVStrong.last_img read more

Buckeyes leave Sunshine State with another victory

It wasn’t pretty, but for the second time this season, Ohio State traveled to the state of Florida and came out with a win. In a game with 37 turnovers and 71 missed shots, No. 2 OSU beat Florida State 58-44 Tuesday night as a part of the ACC/Big Ten Challenge. OSU scored the first seven points of the game, but the Buckeyes seemed uncomfortable on the offensive end for most of the first half. They shot just 38 percent in the first 20 minutes and were forced several times to take contested, low-percentage shots near the end of the shot clock. But as off as the Buckeyes were to start the game, FSU was worse. The Seminoles made only six of their 23 first-half shots and were out-rebounded by 14 as OSU took an 11-point lead at the break. OSU opened up a 17-point lead in the second half, but the Seminoles answered with a 7-0 run to cut the lead to 10. The remainder of the game went back and forth with the Buckeyes’ lead hovering around 10 points as both teams continued their offensive struggles. A 3-pointer from FSU’s Deividas Dulkys cut the lead to seven with about four minutes to go, but that was as close as the Seminoles would get. OSU senior Jon Diebler got a steal and an easy basket in transition, giving the Buckeyes an insurmountable 11-point lead with just more than two minutes remaining. Diebler led all Buckeye scorers with 12 points but was just 3-of-12 shooting from the field. Freshman Jared Sullinger finished with 11 points and grabbed a team-high 12 rebounds, recording his third double-double of the season. Junior William Buford fouled out with just less than eight minutes to go and finished with nine points, going 4-for-12. The Buckeyes finished 19-of-59 from the field and 4-of-20 from beyond the arc. OSU is off until Dec. 9, when it hosts IUPUI. read more

Ohio State football coach Mickey Marottis breakfast club from hell

The Ohio State football team is buying into what new strength coach Mickey Marotti is feeding them — literally and figuratively. And with a new “no loafing” rule in effect the players are quickly buying into Marotti’s plan. While working in an ultra-competitive weight room environment, OSU players have responded to their new program instituted by Marotti, the assistant athletic director of football sports performance. Players and coaches have already seen positive results, Marotti told reporters Wednesday at the Woody Hayes Athletic Center. OSU is in week five of its five-days-a-week program, which Marotti described as a hybrid program that attempts to maximize the genetic potential of each player. “We do Olympic lifting. We do power lifting. We do strength training. We do speed training,” Marotti said. “We want (players) faster. We want them quicker. We want them leaner. We want them meaner. We want them stronger, more explosive.” Marotti said each player’s flexibility, body fat and strength were assessed, and players are getting a better understanding of what it takes to succeed in the program. “Everything is done in a very disciplined, accountable fashion,” Marotti said. “So if someone doesn’t do something right, the whole group suffers or — I hate to say ‘suffers’ — the whole group has a consequence of doing it again.” “Disciplined” might be an understatement. Marotti has created a breakfast club for “high-needs players” that need to cut or gain significant amounts of weight, and for all freshmen. A dietitian is present at on-campus eateries to guide the players in their dining selections during set hours. Marotti also helped overhaul the student-athlete meal menu at The Fawcett Center. “We re-did the whole menu,” Marotti said, “and it’s all stuff you’re supposed to eat as an athlete.” Additionally, the players are adjusting to new statistics that team managers keep track of during drills called loafs. A loaf is credited to a player during a moment of deceleration during a drill, Marotti said. When a second loaf is credited to a player, they’re given a lavender shirt that must be worn around the training facility. Redshirt junior linebacker Etienne Sabino, who said he has lost weight and feels faster after five weeks in the new program, has yet to wear a lavender shirt. “You don’t want to wear those shirts at all,” Sabino said. “Just loafing in general, you don’t want to get those. The lavender (shirt) is definitely motivation not to get any loafs.” Sabino, who said he has dropped to 235 pounds from 245 pounds, said the challenges of Marotti’s comprehensive plan have produced results. “We’ve all seen great changes in our bodies,” Sabino said. “We’re really pushing ourselves. It’s definitely been challenging. It’s harder than I thought.” Junior defensive lineman John Simon agreed and said each player has been tested. “I think the workouts have been tough for everyone. The whole workout, there’s no let up,” Simon said. “Everyone’s getting great workouts in. A lot of people are getting in shape, myself included. Everyone’s improving.” Marotti has also instituted some combative events into the program, such as offense versus defense tug-of-war. Marotti said the new workouts, while foreign to some players, are designed to back the players into a corner and force them to fight their way out of it. “The response has been great,” Marotti said. “Competition — it’s everything. It’s not just push-ups or beating a guy around a cone … All the players know who beat who, … who came in last, who came in first. It’s all about competing on a daily basis.” OSU begins spring football drills on March 28 with the 2012 Spring Game set to take place on April 21. read more