Happy Birthday Companion Freema Agyeman

first_imgStay on target HBO Max Scores Exclusive ‘Doctor Who’ Streaming RightsJo Tro Do Plo Plo No: ‘Doctor Who’ Welcomes Back Familiar Monster Happy birthday, Freema Agyeman!The Londoner joined Team TARDIS in 2007 as the Tenth Doctor’s companion Martha Jones.You remember: The one who replaced Rose.Billie Piper’s departure at the end of season two left the Doctor—and fans—grief-stricken. But while feisty medical student Martha helped mend the Time Lord’s broken hearts, some jaded viewers still overlook the character.Tenth Doctor & Martha Jones (BBC)For more than a year, Martha traveled through space and time, appearing in some of the most iconic, important, and unforgettable episodes of the rebooted series: She met William Shakespeare. Fought Daleks in Manhattan. Didn’t blink at Weeping Angels. And, ultimately, saved the world.All the while, pining over the dashing, daring, adventurous alien who calls himself The Doctor.(In two-parter “Human Nature”/”The Family of Blood,” the Doctor turns himself into a human—a teacher in 1913—who falls for the school nurse. “You had to go and fall in love with a human,” Martha mourned. “And it wasn’t me.”)But unrequited love is a powerful motivator, and, after escaping the Master’s clutches, the companion spent a year traveling the world, spreading the gospel of the Doctor.BBC“My name isn’t important. There’s someone else. The man who sent me out there, the man who told me to walk the Earth. And his name is The Doctor,” Martha said. “He never stops. He never stays. He never asks to be thanked. But I’ve seen him, I know him … I love him.”Eventually, with the Master dead (shot by his wife) and the Earth safe (as it can be in the Whoniverse), a newly independent Martha parts from the Time Lord. Her journey isn’t over yet, though.She moves on, joining UNIT as a medical specialist—a qualified doctor and card-carrying expert on alien life—and marrying Mickey Smith—part-time Team TARDIS member and Rose Tyler’s ex (*insert companion joke here*).Tenth Doctor & Martha Jones (BBC)“Doctor Who has been one of the biggest experiences of my life,” Agyeman told Doctor Who Magazine in 2008. “I dare say a great number of people will always associate me with Martha, and that really makes me smile. It means that she lives on. That’s so flattering. It’s an honor.”The actor, who also appeared as Martha Jones in three episodes of spin-off Torchwood, went on to star in Law & Order: UK (of course there’s a British version), The Carrie Diaries, and Netflix original Sense8.Three cheers to Freema Agyeman, who turns 38 today: Hip hip Who-ray!Stream all of Doctor Who now for free with your Amazon Prime membership.last_img read more