How do you consume football?

first_imgInstagram Frequently SV Werder Breman 1. Which platforms do you follow football on? Social media 13. Which football brands do you associate Volkswagen with? Fiat YouTube Luxembourg international team 2. Which platforms do you spend most of your time on? Finnish international team Skip survey header In a group in a bar or restaurant with family and/or friends YouTube Sports news website Not at all 3. How frequently do you use these platforms? Sports news websites Somewhat Frequently Peugoet Volkswagen Twitter 4. Which platform do you watch most video content? YouTube Sports news websites Strongly Not at all YouTube Ford I travel to the host country for a specific match Other (please state) Please enter an ‘other’ value for this selection. Somewhat infrequently US international team Space Cell FrequentlySomewhat infrequentlyNot at all Not at all Not at all Print media Strongly Nissan Somewhat Social media Citroen I watch until my team gets knocked out Not at all I watch the Final Not at all Other (please state) Please enter an ‘other’ value for this selection. 5. Which platform do you share most on? Snapchat Frequently Peugeot Instagram Facebook Instagram 12. How strongly do you associate these brands with football? Strongly Frequently Twitter Not at all I watch alone Other (please state) Please enter an ‘other’ value for this selection. German international team RB Leipzig At home with family and/or friends Snapchat 7. How do you watch domestic football? Somewhat VW EN Survey Sports news websites Not at all Not at all Volkswagen center_img 6. Which platform do you engage with (comment/like) the most? Not at all Twitter Facebook I watch in a bar or restaurant with family or friends 8. How do you follow domestic football? 10. How many matches do you watch during international competitions? Space Cell Not at allSomewhatStrongly 14. Which of these mobility brands would you consider buying? Swiss international team Strongly Other (please state) Please enter an ‘other’ value for this selection. I watch the knock out stages At the stadium Not at all Somewhat infrequently Facebook Somewhat infrequently Strongly 9. How do you watch international competitions? Strongly Not at all Ford Print media Somewhat Snapchat Facebook YouTube TV/Radio Not at all Hyundai Frequently Somewhat infrequently Take this survey to give us your thoughts on how you consume your football fix on a daily basis. Let us know in the short survey below: Instagram Facebook Twitch Somewhat infrequently Citroen TV/Radio VfL Wolfsburg Not at all Vimeo Strongly Somewhat Instagram Fiat Sports news website 11. How do you follow international football? Twitter Somewhat Hyundai French international team Frequently Somewhat I travel and tour the host country Twitter Somewhat Strongly Twitch Kia At home alone I watch as many as I can Hannover 96 YouTube Kia Somewhat infrequently I watch at home with family or friends Facebook 0% SurveyGizmo is trusted by tens of thousands of brands around the world. Please take my survey nowlast_img read more