BioShock Collection remasters the graphics Rapture and Columbia look beautiful again

first_img <> Even if you’re not a fan of remasters, you have to admit that the BioShock games benefit from this visual overhaul. This collection contains two of the most celebrated games from the last generation (sorry, BioShock 2), so it definitely deserves to be out there — especially for those who may have missed out on these titles the first time around.Expect the BioShock collection to launch on Steam, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One on September 13. <>center_img This console cycle has been notorious for releasing countless remasters of old games. It wasn’t limited to classic titles either, as even games from the previous generation — some that were less than a year old — were getting the remaster treatment. It was only a matter of time before the BioShock series received the ol’ spit and polish for modern systems, and 2K confirmed that the series was indeed getting a remastered collection this past June.But how good do these remasters look when compared to the originals? 2K Games has today provided us with a comparison video that details just how much prettier the cities of Rapture and Columbia look on more powerful hardware. Before we check that video out, let’s look at the first trailer for the collection.Next we have the comparison trailer. This one puts a heavy emphasis on the original BioShock, which is the oldest title in the collection. Despite its age, the game has held up nicely over the years thank to its stylized design. However, as you can see, the game is now more visually stunning thanks to the newly added textures that add deeper blacks and more vibrant colors.The collection comes with a documentary called Imagining BioShock. It features video game journalist Geoff Keighley interviewing BioShock’s Creative Director, Ken Levine, about the game’s origins and how he and his team worked hard to create something that had never been seen in a game before. Below is a small clip from the first episode.All three games: BioShock, BioShock 2, and BioShock Infinite, will feature 1080p resolution and a higher frame rate (currently being targeted at 60fps). The three games will contain all of their respective single-player DLC. Those who already own the games on Steam will be able to upgrade for free.last_img read more

Museum of Failure Honors Commercialisms Greatest Missteps

first_img “Only those who dare to fail greatly,” Robert F. Kennedy said, “can ever achieve greatly.”If that’s true, then Sweden’s new Museum of Failures is going to be a massive success.Curated by 43-year-old clinical psychologist Samuel West, the Helsingborg-based exhibit displays more than 70 inventions that fell short of their intended glory.via them: the Apple Newton, Google Glass, Nokia N-gage, Kodak Digital Camera, Sony Betamax, and Lego Fiber Optics.“We know that 80 to 90 percent of innovation projects, they fail and you never read about them, you don’t see them, people don’t talk about them,” West told The Washington Post. “And if there’s anything we can do from these failures, is learn from them.”Missteps like Pepsi’s Crystal clear soda or Harley-Davidson’s men’s cologne—or even the “Trump: I’m Back and You’re Fired” board game from 2004.“It’s a boring version of Monopoly,” West said of the President’s foray into tabletop gaming. “It’s simplified so stupid people can play it, but it’s also horribly boring.” The Museum of Failure has something for everyone, including high-tech toys like the two-wheeled Segway (which can still be seen on city sidewalks, so the electric vehicle’s inclusion is somewhat dubious) and Apple’s Newton, the original personal digital assistant, launched in 1993.via pop-up museum—which opened on June 7 and is presented in Swedish, English, and soon, German—will remain in its gallery space until “at least early September,” according to the Post.Open daily (except June 23-24) from noon to 6 p.m., museum admission is 100 Swedish krona (€10/$11) for adults, 50kr (€5/$5.50) for teens (13-18), and free for children 12 and under.Groups of up to eight can book a private guided tour: 250kr (€25/$28) per person for 45 minutes. Or arrange an exclusive 10,000kr (€1,025/$1,144) visit, led by director West, for 19 of your closest family and friends.Looking for more cool exhibits to check out, read our review of Seattle’s Museum of Pop Culture.Let us know how we’re doing ‘Game of Thrones’ Recreated in 300-Foot Embroidered TapestryPop-Up NYC Museum Highlights Burden of Single-Use Plastics Stay on targetlast_img read more