AMDs new Crimson drivers are overheating and damaging graphics cards

first_imgAMD is suffering some embarrassment this week after the release of the new Radeon Software Crimson Edition graphics card drivers last Tuesday went spectacularly wrong. The drivers are meant to offer new functionality, performance, and a “brand new level of stability.” However, it turns out there’s a bug, and that bug is overheating and in some cases damaging the graphics cards using Crimson.The bug is related to GPU fan speed, which apparently is being limited to just 20% on some cards without a user’s knowledge. So you can imagine the disaster this creates inside your PC case: you have a high-end Radeon graphics card, load up your game of choice (Fallout 4, right?), and start playing with all the settings turned up to 11. At some point in the not too distant future your PC crashes due to heat issues. If you’re lucky the fail safes built into the card saved it from permanent damage, otherwise you could be staring at a dead card that needs replacing.AMD has acknowledged there is a problem and promised to release a hotfix at some point today. If you’ve upgraded to Radeon Software Crimson Edition but not put your system under load playing a game yet, I’d suggest waiting for the hotfix to appear. It’s not worth risking your graphics card to play a game before applying it.If you can’t wait, then there is a workaround detailed on Imgur, but it is just temporary and you’d be better waiting for the hotfix. However, that’s not going to help anyone who has already damaged their graphics card, and I suspect AMD is currently dealing with more than a few angry calls and emails demanding replacements be sent out. I don’t think AMD can refuse such requests because it’s their fault for releasing software that’s anything but stable.last_img read more